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Month of Russian cultural heritage to be held in Canada

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Month of Russian cultural heritage to be held in Canada


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A month of Russian cultural heritage will be held in Canada in October for the first time this year, the press service of the organizations of Russian compatriots reports. A dozen public organizations are going to participate in it. They promised to provide a heavy agenda. Numerous events related to the Russian language, history and traditions are planned within the month, including festivals, balls, music evenings, performances, weeks of Russian cinema. 

Art exhibitions, fairs of handicrafts, tastings of traditional dishes of national Russian cuisine are also to take place. The month of Russian culture will cover many Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and many others.

The program will also include events dedicated to the development of business relations between Russia and Canada. Representatives of the Russian and Canadian businesses will discuss strengthening cooperation in education and tourism during discussions, sessions and business meetings, seminars and presentations. The program of  teaching Russian as a foreign language will start at the same time as the Russian month in Canada . It is designed for residents of this country. The participants of the events will discuss projects of student and academic exchanges between Russian and Canadian universities.

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