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2nd All-British Conference of Russian Compatriots held in Liverpool

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2nd All-British Conference of Russian Compatriots held in Liverpool



The youth conference of Russian compatriots in Britain opens on Friday, March 15. For the second time, the compatriots aged 18 to 35, who are actively involved in public, political and business life of Russian diaspora, will gather at the forum. Leaders of youth public organizations of European countries and Russia will join them.

The conference will be held in Liverpool, and this city was not chosen by chance. The organizations of Russian compatriots seek to strengthen cooperation at the regional level. The mutual interest of young Russian compatriots is increasing all the time, and their geography is expanding. Therefore, they chose Liverpool, as it is the most convenient place in terms of logistics.

The conference program includes panel discussions and TED talks. Young Europe and Russia - Trends, Practice and Development Criteria round table will also take place. It will become a central platform where important issues of cooperation in the international arena and steps against traditional and new challenges and threats will be discussed. The discussion was organized with the assistance of Gorchakov Foundation of Public Diplomacy.

The Youth Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots of Great Britain is the initiator and organizer of the forum. Russian Embassy, ​​Council of Russian Communities of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Moscow House of Compatriots and other organizations assisted the organization.

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