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Fifth Russian center in Bulgaria opens in Stara Zagora

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Fifth Russian center in Bulgaria opens in Stara Zagora


The Russian Center has opened on November 23 at the Zakhariy Knyazhesky library in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria). The library became the 114th one in the world and the fifth in Bulgaria which was launched by the Russkiy Mir Foundation to provide the opportunity to the study the Russian language and learn the culture.

The executive director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation V. Kochin, the Deputy Mayor of Stara Zagora I. Sotirova, the Library head N. Grueva, the Russian Consul General A. Gromov took part in the solemn ceremony. Representatives of the Russian embassy, ​​Rossotrudnichestvo, the authorities of Stara Zagora and its region, the leaders of the Russian centers in Bulgaria, the Russian compatriots attended the event.

I. Sotirova thanked the Russkiy Mir Foundation for the Russian Center and voiced confidence that it would become an important link between the peoples of Russia and Bulgaria.

V. Kochin voiced his gratitude to the city authorities for their support in the center creation. He recalled that the entire library staff was involved in the project. Grace to them it was constructed in a short time.

A. Gromov thanked the Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria A. Makarov. He also noted the important role of a center in this region of Bulgaria for the preservation of traditional ties between the peoples of the countries.

Zakhariy Knyazhesky Library started work in 1954 and in 2007 moved to a new building. The library possesses more than 140,000 volumes, it plays an important role in organizing leisure of Stara Zagora residents. The library regularly hosts exhibitions. On the Russian center opening day, an exposition of primers from more than 50 countries of the world started. It organizes a variety of educational programs, there is a concert hall. Over 70,000 people visit the library annually.

The ceremony ended with a small concert - the children engaged in after school activities at the library performed there.

Earlier Russkiy Mir reported a Russian Center to start work on November 20 at the University of Prešov in Slovakia. On November 27 another one to be opened at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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