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MAPRYAL holds seminar in Argentina

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MAPRYAL holds seminar in Argentina


International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature known under its Russian abbreviation MAPRYAL holds seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 11 to 13 July. “Duty, responsibility, time: contemporary picture of the modern world through Russian writers' eyes” is the topic of the discussion. 

Russian language teachers, college students and schoolkids, public organisations' representatives, businessmen and people interested in Russian language gather in Russian Center of Science and Culture in Buenos Aires. 

Russian language takes special place in Argentina. 100,000 people know Russian language. At this, there are three times more ethnical Russians in this country. Russian nationals' descendants know very little Russian. However it's important to note that Russians in Argentina saved ethnic self-identification: there are several Russian Cultural centers in the country.

Lections on Russian literature, key directions in the Russian social thought, national crafts, Russian art from icons to avant guard. The teaching part of the seminar will be dedicated to the literary texts usage within Russian as Second language lessons. 

This event is to become the second in the series of MAPRYAL seminars in Latin America. 

Beginning from September, 15 2018 all those who wish can listen to MAPRYAL lections “Duty, resposibility, time: contemporary picture of the modern worldthrough Russian writers' eyes” prepared by researches of the Saint Petersburg State University. 

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