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Russian language gains greater popularity in Poland

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Russian language gains greater popularity in Poland


Russian language occupies firm positions among the languages studied in Poland. According to the messages of the Polish Foreign Ministry, the Russian language is the second spoken language in the country used as means of inter-ethnic communication in the former Soviet countries. The Foreign Ministry has also noted the growth of interest to the Russian language from the recruitment point of view. Russian-speaking citizens are more required by the employers, Izvestia reports.

Demand for the Russian language grammar increases in the Polish educational sector. This is the third language taught at Polish schools over the last 3 years. Students from Poland and Russia are actively taking part in university exchange programs. According to data of the latest polls, almost a half of the Polish residents are fluent in Russian. Geographically though, the Russian-speaking population is more spread over the Eastern regions of the country bordering with ex-Soviet countries. 

Along with the language, the Polish are delighted to learn the Russian traditions. Culture of Russia, in particular, the Russian ballet and choir arts are extremely popular in Poland.
The growth of interest to the Russian language is typical of the Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, in 2016 a number of students wishing to study Russian have grown twice in the Czech Republic compared to the data of polls conducted in 2011 – 2012. The scientific worker of Comenius University in Bratislava believes that the English language is not enough for the contemporary society for communication purposes, whereas Russian is one of the main languages of the United Nations and other international organizations.

According to the statistical data, more than 150 million people consider Russian as their native language and 110 million treat it as their second language. This is the 5th spoken language in the world.

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