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Young Russian compatriots in India held first all-country conference

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Young Russian compatriots in India held first all-country conference


Indian capital has turned into center of the youth movement of Russian compatriots. New Delhi is hosting All-Indian Russian Compatriots’ Conference, TASS reports.

Our compatriots under 30 years of age are central participants of this massive event. They represent unions of 7 Indian cities. The key question at the conference is problems, which young people have to encounter.

Older compatriots help the young ones immensely. They unite people of different ages at the joint events, which facilitates preserving traditions, culture and the Russian language. Compatriots’ Associations all over the country traditionally celebrate New Year, Maslenitsa and Victory Day. Sunday schools of the Russian language are also opened in India.

Representatives of the young generation have voiced their point of view. They proposed to form a unified base and a map of places of living of the compatriots to exchange experience, organize joint meetings and holidays. Young activists paid special attention to development of new trends. For example, more stress should be put on music, fashion and arts. Concerts of popular Russian music bands should be conducted in India, for a start.

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