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Russian-speaking youth from European countries discuss projects in Hannover

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Russian-speaking youth from European countries discuss projects in Hannover


Youth Expat Regional Conference took place in Hannover, the website Russkoye Pole informs. More than fifty delegates from nine European countries took part at this conference, including Russia and Consul General of the Russian Federation to Lower Saxony Ivan Khotulev, Counselor of Russian Embassy to FRG Olga Zyablova, German deputies and other compatriots.

Conference became a perfect opportunity for young people from nine European counties to get acquainted, discuss topical questions and share their projects with their colleagues. Before the forum, young people have already communicated with each other on the Internet. When they arrived to Hannover, they were familiar with each other’s ideas.

Participants have listened to presentations of the Public Chamber and Rossotrudnichestvo representatives about the possibility of implementing joint projects.

Representative of Moscow House of Compatriots Yulia Trishina responsible for collaboration with youth has commented that such conferences are essential. The young people can be heard and, therefore, will be highly demanded there. Besides, our compatriots find new friends and have an opportunity to share ideas with each other, as there is no social network able to substitute real-life communication.

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