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Russian-Chinese business incubators help to develop interstate cooperation

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Russian-Chinese business incubators help to develop interstate cooperation


RF Defence MinistryBusiness incubators project is a great example Russian-Chinese relations' type to aim for, Deputy Head of Russian Government Olga Golodets believes, RIA Novosti reports.

Fruits of this cooperation have to be seen, in other words the results have to be put into practice. Golodets has expressed her opinion during her speech in the course of her working visit in Beijing. 18th meeting of Bilateral Commission on Humanitarian Cooperation is going to be held in China.

Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China Liu Yandong has agreed with Olga Golodets, who has estimated business incubators project as the brightest demonstration of an excellent result in humanitarian sphere communication.

Liu Yandong has reminded that this project has started only one year ago, and hundreds participants are already involved in it by now. The project spread over eight cities, and there are great work results. She has marked that interstate relations imply closeness of our two countries, and the youth is our hope for the bright future.

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