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Crimea is very popular touristic destination

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Crimea is very popular touristic destination

12.05.2017 Residents of sixty-four countries attended the Crimean resorts last year. According to the chairman of the corresponding committee of the Crimean State Counsel Andrey Chernyak, sanctions did not prevent people from coming there, RIA Novosti informs. Among the guests were nationals of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, Great Britain and Israel.

Crimean authorities plan to regain the status of All-Russian health resort to the peninsula working all year around. Besides, there are fourteen thousand sights on the Crimean land and two thousand and five hundred underwater. Andrey Chernyak has specified that “no country in the world can boast such a huge number of monuments per square meter”. 

Crimean authorities try their best to increase the number of tourists to the peninsula up to ten million people per year, such was the quantity of tourists in the Soviet Union period.

The politician has noted that Crimea has never seen such considerable investments before. He has pointed out that after the Kerch Bridge is put into service, the existing problem of ferry crossing which is the only weak spot delaying all-year tourism will disappear.

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