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American media pressuring Trump by means of Snowden

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American media pressuring Trump by means of Snowden


Photo: RF Ministry for Foreign Affairs

One more update of “an old story” that Moscow is going to give away the former CIA agent, Edward Snowden, to the US government is nothing but another attempt to put pressure on the White house as well as searching for confirmation of compromising materials about Donald Trump, in the opinion of Russian Foreign Ministry official representative Maria Zakharova, as TASS reports.

Foreign ministry representative underlined that the authors of such loud statements are not intelligence agencies, but it is mass media referring to some mysterious information sources. At this, only specialists can construe the difference in these small details.

Maria Zakharova added that such a political technique is an excellent tool for public outcry. “It is obvious that the pressure on the US new administration from its political opponents is going on in America, and the bargaining is in full play,” she specified.

Earlier one of the American TV channels stated that Russia considers an idea of giving away Snowden to the US authorities “as a present for Trump”.

It is worth reminding that Edward Snowden's leave to remain in Russia is extended for three years. Thus, he's got an opportunity to apply for the Russian citizenship. In accordance with the present legislation, foreigners can claim for the Russian citizenship after living in the Russian Federation for five years.

As information service of Russkiy Mir Foundation reports, Snowden received temporary asylum in Russia provided he is not leading subversive activities against the US in August,1, 2013.

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