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Donald Trump hopes to find a common language with Russia

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Donald Trump hopes to find a common language with Russia


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The Unites States have made too many mistakes in the past to teach Russia a lesson now, believes Donald Trump, according to TASS.

Answering the reporters’ question if he still respects his Russian colleague, the US president stated that he respects a lot of people, which does not mean that it is possible to see eye to eye with all of them. «I would say that it is better to find a common language with Russia than not to find it», - pronounced Trump. He explained that it would be great if Moscow could render help to Washington in combating global terrorism. Will I be able to find a common ground with him? I have no idea, — The Republican added.

After the mass media representatives reminded him about the accusations towards Russia and its authorities by western countries, Donald Trump said that America can not be considered flawless in terms of moral behavior too. And what do you think? Is our country innocent? - It was Trumps rhetorical question. He advised the reporter to investigate US actions for the last few years, and the Iraq war in particular, when many people died.

It is worth mentioning that there was a phone conversation of the two countries leaders at the end of January. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump agreed to call each other in future and discuss current issues. Besides, presidents administrative offices are planning to agree a place and time for their personal meeting in the nearest future.

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