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Northern Cross founder Yuri Sandulov awarded in New York

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Northern Cross founder Yuri Sandulov awarded in New York


ksors.orgThe round table took place in Consulate General of Russia in New York. Government of the Russian Federation delegation and International Council of Russian Compatriots, including Minister of the Moscow City Government Sergey Cheremin and members of Department for Foreign Economic and International Affairs participated in the round table, Ksors reports. Parties have discussed international cooperation and cross-board collaboration between Russia and USA.

It was mentioned that 5 million Russian compatriots live in US, and the fifth part of them in New York. Due to this, development of business, political, social and cultural contacts with Russia, as well as enhancing the image of Russia in US are key factors affecting relations between our countries.

After the discussion had finished, the Northern Cross founder Yuri Sandulov was awarded with a medal 'In Memory of 700th birth anniversary of Sergey Radonezhsky'. It's worth mentioning that The Northern Cross is a charitable non-profit organization that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Russian immigrants in United States.

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