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The conference Relations between Austria and Russia. Past, Present, Future was presupposed by its organisers to demonstrate the need to return the relations between EU member states and Russia to normal.

26.05.2016 Rubric: Articles

Russia UK Cross-Year of Language and Literature is continuing and we are speaking to one of the greatest translators of English literature in our country. Chief Editor of Foreign Literature Magazine Aleksandr Livergant has translated letters and works of Swift and Stern, Evelyn Waugh, Chandler and Dashil Hammett into Russian; this list is very far from being full.  

25.05.2016 Rubric: Interview
Subject: Culture

A real Legion of Honour gathered at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, which ends this Sunday every name here is an icon of modern cinema. No Russian films are included in the main competition list this year, but interesting works of Russian authors are still included in several competition programmes.

20.05.2016 Rubric: Articles
Subject: Culture

Barren, primitive language eventually leads to primitive life and to the societys degradation. This is why it is so important for linguists to capture childrens attention with learning Russian, to make them be carried away with its vivid imaginative world. This was the main topic of the Developing Motivation to Learn Russian Language All-Russia Conference.  

18.05.2016 Rubric: Articles
Subject: Education

In Houston, Texas, a primary school, where most of the subjects will be conducted in Russian, is going to open soon. It is notable, that the initiative came directly from the municipal authorities. But in order to work correctly, the school needs assistance of the Russian side methodological assistance, first of all. Sofia Grinblat, President of the Russian Cultural Center Our Texas told the Russkiy Mir Foundation about that.

16.05.2016 Rubric: Interview
Subject: Diaspora




Vyacheslav Nikonov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, Head of the Management Board of the Russkiy Mir Foundation and Head of the MSU School of Public Administration, interviewed by CNN on Nov. 17, 2015


One of the surprises of the summer: the mass of tourists between longtime rivals - Sochi and the Crimea - Crimea chooses

Richter was perhaps the only professional pianist who never taught and who only played what he wanted to and how he wanted to.