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Cossacks from Dutch Alphen aan den Rijn have been successfully giving concerts in different German and Dutch towns for years. This choir is unique - the average age of its participants is 70 years and they are all amateurs. They cannot say a word in Russian, but perfectly clearly and with great love perform Russian Cossacks' songs, folk songs, military and spiritual songs. Our correspondent met the choir participants - Edu Deikman, Pit van Damm, Hank Hautman and choirmaster Arkadiy Gankin.

26.09.2016 Rubric: Interview
Subject: Culture

On September 28, Russian Centre of Pecs University is going to celebrate its first anniversary 5 years from the date of opening. Head of Russian Centre of Pecs University Valentina Vegvari told the Russkiy Mir about how this date is going to be celebrated and about the reasons why todays young generation in Hungary is aspiring to speak Russian.  

20.09.2016 Rubric: Interview
Subject: RussianLanguage

The first meeting of Russian Literature Bureau will be held at the end of September. One of its main purposes is to develop a concept of Russian language policy and to further define the Russian language as an official language. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, President of the Russian Academy of Education, linguist Lyudmila Verbitskaya told us why these purposes are on the current agenda.

16.09.2016 Rubric: Interview
Subject: RussianLanguage

On September 2, Doctor of History, Dean of Governmental Management Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University V.A. Nikonov gave a lecture Leadership in Russian. Pushkin for future managers, first year students. We are sure that this lecture is going to be interesting for a wide audience.

12.09.2016 Rubric: Articles
Subject: Education




Presenting the Russkiy Mir Foundation


One of the surprises of the summer: the mass of tourists between longtime rivals - Sochi and the Crimea - Crimea chooses

Richter was perhaps the only professional pianist who never taught and who only played what he wanted to and how he wanted to.