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Russian Days are starting in Armenia from August 20. They are going start with a commemorative event on the Hill of Honour in Gyumri, where officers of the Russian empire fallen in Russian-Turkish wars were buried. The organisers have emphasized that this years program of the Russian Culture Festival would be extensive. It is the first time, when such events, as folklore, theatre and philharmonic ensembles, as well as Russian film week, will be held not only in the capital city, but also in five Armenian cities at the same time.  

17.08.2016 Rubric: Articles
Subject: Culture

When a Croatian radio station announced opening of the Russian Language and Culture Promotion Association in Zagreb, almost 600 people applied during the first day. Mato Shpukulyak, one of the founders of the Croatian Russian Language and Culture Promotion Association and its president told the Russkiy Mir Foundation about the increased interest for Russia and Russian language learning.

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Literary journal and a recently introduced portal Golden Fleece is a place to meet for all the Russian-speaking writers and publicists from all over the world. Russian literature classic and modern and the love to it become powerful factors to unite Russian-speaking people, no matter where they live.  

05.08.2016 Rubric: Articles
Subject: Culture

Forming of workgroups on designing State Language Policy Concept has started. The work will be conducted under the auspices of the Russian Literature Association; developers are going to include representatives of schools and higher educational institutions. The Concept will define the mechanisms of independent evaluation of Russian language and literature textbooks and dictionaries, support of reading, teaching Russian as a foreign language and principles of designing libraries.  

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