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It is Dmitry Alekseyevich Milyutins 200 birthday this year. The last Field Marshal, Military Minister, he was the author of military reform of 1860s. The result of his work was creation of a new type of the Russian Army after 20 years from the loss in Crimean war, which crawled up to the outskirts of Istanbul.  

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Subject: History

Moscow-Tartu School of Digital Humanities was held in Yasnaya Palyana on July 4-7. It is the second birth of Estonian summer schools tradition of 1960s. Golden Age of the Russian semiotics this is how that short period can be named. Modern school can be with good reason named renaissance of that first one at the new stage of evolution.  

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Subject: Culture

A presentation of translation of tale The Scarlet Flower into the Amharic language, published with the participation of Russkiy Mir Foundation, was held at the festive evening at the Ethiopian Embassy, which was devoted to Alexander Pushkins birthday. Embassys Secretary General, Chairman of Russia-Ethiopia Friendship Society professor Nygusye Kassae V. Mikael told what connects our countries today to the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

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Anna Veniaminova-Tower is turning 102 on July 1. Grandgrand-granddaughter of Hierarch, Metropolitan of Moscow, apostle of Siberia and America Innokentiy (Veniaminov), granddaughter of widow empress Maria Fedorovnas confessor, together with Russia has seen the Revolution, two world wars, a civil war and reprisals. They survived World War II together with her husband as a part of technical maintenance crew, restoring destroyed bridges at the Southern Front. For 20 years now, Anna Innokentyevna has lived in the Netherlands.

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One of the surprises of the summer: the mass of tourists between longtime rivals - Sochi and the Crimea - Crimea chooses

Richter was perhaps the only professional pianist who never taught and who only played what he wanted to and how he wanted to.