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Traditional holiday, dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day took place in Toronto, Canada, as per website of World Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots. The gala evening “Songs burnt by War” was held this year already for the third time. Russian Congress of Canada and the Russian Youth Theatre, as always, organized this event. ...

22.02.2017 Subject: Diaspora

Democracy and Collaboration Institute organized a round table dedicated to October revolution at the French capital, TASS reports. Competent scientists, politicians and analysts from Russia and France discussed main reasons of the revolution and lessons learnt. Deputy of the State Duma and Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov remarked in his...

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Subject: Community

Maslenitsa in New York had started one day before it’s actual beginning, on February 19. The Patriarchal Parishes in the USA and Russian Youth of America ran Wide Maslenitsa celebration, the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots of the USA ( informs. One of the most popular celebrations not only in Russian...

22.02.2017 Subject: Diaspora

Irish coast guards evacuated one of the crewmembers from Russian fishing boat. The Russian sailor needed urgent help because he was badly injured, RIA Novosti reports. The night before, the coast guard station located at Valentia Island registered an alarm signal sent by the ship staying in 140 sea miles from the Irish coast. A helicopter and a...

22.02.2017 Subject: Community

Specialists from Russia will attend the largest exhibition of food and beverage industry "Russian Gastro Week – Taste of Russia" organized in Dubai, according to Russian Forum in UAE. Russian companies are taking part in this exhibition for the second time. Last year’s success together with the analysis of the export market demand in the Persian region enabled...

22.02.2017 Subject: Diaspora

L’Observateur Russe website informed about the death of Maria Lifar who had greatly contributed to preserve Russian cultural heritage abroad. A daughter of Russian immigrants, Maria Lifar was born in 1924 to a Russian émigré family in France. From her very young years she was helping people who tried to...

22.02.2017 Subject: Heart Memory

Marika Rökk, singer, dancer and actress of Hungarian descent, who gained prominence in German films in the Nazi era, was actually a Soviet KGB agent during 1940s, reports. The German Intelligence Services have uncovered some documents that prove Nazi star Marika Rökk was a part of spy KGB ring. The actress was recruited as a KGB...

21.02.2017 Subject: History

There is nothing left to say about Ukraine’s behavior, let God judge them. Such was the comment from Russia President Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov regarding the decision of Ukrainian Representative, who bears office of the head of UN Security Council this month, to omit a speech about the death of Russian Federation’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. He added...

21.02.2017 Subject: Politics

Maslenitsa Russian culture festival will be celebrated with concerts and street fairs over this weekend in Dublin, as per RIA Novosti. The Butter Week festival is organized by the Moscow City Administration. Aside of traditional celebrations there’re some social and business Russian-Irish activities planned. Participants of the round...

21.02.2017 Subject: Diaspora

Mother Language Day is celebrated in Russia today, TASS reports. This international holiday was established by UNESCO 25 years ago in the memory of Indian students who were killed during a rally in support of their mother tongue. As per RF Federal Law about the State Language, Russian language is a state language all over Russia. At the same time, republics and regions of Russia are...

21.02.2017 Subject: Education


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New Publications

Traditional Russian clothing is slowly, and imperceptibly to many, returning to everyday use. Even if one doesn’t yet hear the creak of valenki along the dirty city snow or notice designs inspired by sarafans on fashionable dresses, this tendency has already been noticeable in design studios and shops for several years now.
The Russian diaspora in the USA has been shaped by several different currents — coming from Europe, China, and South America. What brings these people together? Why was there a pressing need to found the Congress of Russian Americans, which sees the fight against Russophobia as one of its main tasks? The President of the Congress of Russian Americans, Natalie Sabelnik, explains.
As a public figure, producer, businesswoman, patron, and participant in a multitude of philanthropic endeavors, Marina Kovalyov is one of the primary “movers” of the American Russian-speaking community.
States wage war not only with weapons, but also by spreading disparaging rumors. Russia has experienced this for centuries and continues to do so. The dissemination of the “Potemkin village” tale is the most successful negative “PR campaign” in history. This myth has kept going for over two hundred years.
Last Friday, University of Helsinki honoured a famous academician, Russianist, retiring professor Arto Mustajoki, who headed the Department of Russian Language and Literature at the University of Helsinki. Mustajoki is also the President of International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and the Dean at Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki.