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Sergei Vinogradov Anatoly Solovyev has spent more time in open space than any other resident of Earth. He exited his ship sixteen times while in orbit, spending a total of over three full days of his life in open space. On the eve of Cosmonauts’ Day Anatoly Solovyev told us about breakthroughs in the study of outer space, the prospects of colonizing the Moon or Mars, and why we need to study astronomy in school. - Astronomy is being brought back into the school curriculum. Is that the right thing to do? - It’s certainly the right thing. Every year since they removed it, I’ve been speaking wherever possible about the...

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Subject: Space

Polina Skolkova V. Schwartz. Palm Sunday in Moscow Under Aleksey Mikhailovich. Procession of the Patriarch on a Donkey, 1865. The Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem, Fig Sunday, Flower-bearing Sunday, or just Palm Sunday—it’s a holiday that has been observed the week before Easter since the very first centuries of Christianity. Hardly anyone knows that in medieval Russia this holiday was celebrated with a colorful procession, involving both the tsar and the patriarch. On Palm Sunday Christians remember an event that happened two thousand years ago—the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into...

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Subject: Religion

Editors of Russkiy Mir On 7 April a bilateral meeting called “Strategic Dialogue: Russia and India” took place between Russian and Indian experts. Its organizers were two long-time partners: the Russkiy Mir Foundation and the Observer Research Foundation in India. The meeting was scheduled to precede the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and India, celebrated on 13 April. Experts representing Russian and India took part in this meeting. The opening address and greeting were given by the First Deputy Chairman of the Russian...

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Subject: Общество

The “Great Game” and the “War of Shadows” were names given to the late nineteenth-century rivalry between Russia and Great Britain for influence in South and Central Asia. It was a geostrategic and political struggle. But it was also a duel between the intelligence agencies of two powerful empires and took very many interesting turns. And here we are again, snarling at each other, hating each other, but not wanting a war. --Lord Palmerston As early as the eighteenth century, the English had become concerned with Russian expansion to the south. They didn’t believe that...

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Subject: Politics

Aleksei Fedorov This year marks the 150th anniversary of the treaty to sell Alaska. This event so surprised the public at the time that it caught spurred discussions and remained in the papers for almost a year. And the deal had no shortage of critics on either side. Selling Alaska: Fact and Fiction U.S. journalists directed all kinds of criticisms toward the government for the sale and came up with ironic names for these snowy regions. There were also quite a few critics in Russia, though they still showed respect for the monarch’s wishes. The official news agency informed the public of the sale as if in...

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Subject: Diaspora

Russians who Brought Glory to France Anastasia Aliamovskaia After the Revolution, the Russian emigration spread as a large wave across the whole world. According to approximate numbers, up to 2 million people fled from Bolshevism and more than 400 thousand found a home in France. In foreign lands, these exiles had to face the difficulties of life and take up work—some in factories and restaurants, others becoming taxi drivers. There were also those who managed to maintain a spiritual connection to Russia, while also integrating into the ways of French life and contributing much to their new homeland by placing...

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Yaroslavl leads in popularity city ranking among places included in Russia's Golden Ring, RIA Novosti informs. Rating made by TourStart company analyzed the number of people who visited Golden Ring cities during last year. Aside from Yaroslavl this list also includes...
Holocaust victims are commemorated on April 24 in Russia. Numerous events are taking place in Moscow and in many regional cities today. This date is known as Day of Catastrophe and Heroism all over the world. It coincides with the date of Jewish Ghetto Uprising, which took place in 1943 in...
#OneForAll (#ОднаНаВсех) action devoted to the Great Victory Day will be conducted by Russian TV channel NTV. Social network Odnoklassniki and IA Sputnik participate in organizing this event as well. The flashmob is open for everybody. The song We Need Only Victory for All was...
St. George Ribbon campaign has been launched today, RIA Novosti reports. This tradition is more than ten years old and people can get this Soviet victory in WWII symbol until May 9. As per Rossiya Segodnya International News Agency Director General Dmitry Kiselev, almost ninety countries will...
European Union should turn its attention to real security threats, not just contrive fake ones, as per Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He made this statement in the course of negotiations with the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini, TASS informs. He expressed his gratitude...