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Sergei Vinogradov Photo: Iuri Kashin Letters from the front constitute the basis for new tourist routes that are opening in various parts of Russia this year. The eight winners have been announced in a contest for historical military routes called “Take pride, country, in your valiant sons!” Sightseers visit memorable locations connected to World War Two, which are described by those who participated in these events in letters to their loved ones. The authors of three winning routes gave tours to a correspondent from Russkiy Mir. Viewing history through the testimony of those who lived it isn’t a...

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Aleksandr Gorianin How did the Russian Empire arise? What tied it together? Why were the Russians, rather than anyone else, able to create the most expansive state on Earth? Who else took active part in its formation? What was it like for individual nations within the empire—did they see it as a prison or a family? You can read about all of this in the latest work of the historian Aleksandr Gorianin. Only people unacquainted with history could fault Russia for having an empire. There are dozens of empires in human memory. Any country that was able to become an empire became one. Ancient Rome first annexed...

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Inessa Filatova For the past eighteen years, Dutch journalist Remco Reiding has been searching out relatives of the 865 Soviet prisoners-of-war who are buried at the Soviet Field of Honor memorial cemetery in Leusden, not far from Amersfoort. After years of painstaking work he has so far managed to find the families of 199 Soviet soldiers who were thought to be missing in action. A correspondent from Russkiy Mir spoke with Remco Reiding about this work and how it has changed his life. Remco Reiding has been awarded the title of knight in his native Holland, and in Russia he has received an award from the Ministry of Defense...

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Marina Bogdanova One often hears it said about one thing or another: “that isn’t women’s work.” Nonetheless, even in patriarchal prerevolutionary Russia there lived women who were not stopped by the incomprehension of those close to them, by society’s disapproval, or by the impossibility of receiving a good education and pursuing their beloved undertaking in a conventional way. Women at War The most famous female Russian warrior is, of course, Nadezhda Andreevna Durova (1783-1866), a hero of the War of 1812. Director Eldar Ryazanov made the wonderful comedy The Hussar Ballad, based in part...

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Sergei Vinogradov Anatoly Solovyev has spent more time in open space than any other resident of Earth. He exited his ship sixteen times while in orbit, spending a total of over three full days of his life in open space. On the eve of Cosmonauts’ Day Anatoly Solovyev told us about breakthroughs in the study of outer space, the prospects of colonizing the Moon or Mars, and why we need to study astronomy in school. - Astronomy is being brought back into the school curriculum. Is that the right thing to do? - It’s certainly the right thing. Every year since they removed it, I’ve been speaking wherever possible about the...

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Polina Skolkova V. Schwartz. Palm Sunday in Moscow Under Aleksey Mikhailovich. Procession of the Patriarch on a Donkey, 1865. The Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem, Fig Sunday, Flower-bearing Sunday, or just Palm Sunday—it’s a holiday that has been observed the week before Easter since the very first centuries of Christianity. Hardly anyone knows that in medieval Russia this holiday was celebrated with a colorful procession, involving both the tsar and the patriarch. On Palm Sunday Christians remember an event that happened two thousand years ago—the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into...

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Famous Russian traveller Fedor Konukhov has made a statement that he's going to take for the next trip few outstanding graduates.  As per Konukhov, these graduates have to choose Ecology and Nature college departments. He told about this during his video presentation for those...
Russian Ambassadors Dmitry Kazennov and Andrey Surganov received a note from Estonian Foreign Ministry. Both consuls must leave Estonian territory, according to that note. Dmitry Kazennov and Andrey Surganov worked in Estonian city Narva. Before relocation to Estonia in 2015, Dmitry...
Russian parliament members supported in the last third reading a draft law about a new visa’s type meant for foreign citizens obtaining temporary residence permit in Russia, IA Interfax informs. The new visa will be issued for foreign citizens or persons without citizenship together with...
General director of the Bolshoi Theatre Vladimir Urin has shared plans for 242nd theatre season. Theater goers will have an opportunity to attend ten premieres, RIA Novosti informs. Forgotten Land ballet with music by Benjamin Britten and Alcina opera seria by Handel will open the...
25th White Nights Stars festival opens today in Saint Petersburg. This year the event is conducted in Mariinsky Theater. Since it coincides with 135th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky, the festival is dedicated to this genious composer, RIA Novosti reports. The program comprises...