Hilarion, Archiepiscopal of Volokalamsk (Grigory Alfeev)

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Hilarion, Archiepiscopal of Volokalamsk (Grigory Alfeev)

Chairman of the External Affairs Department of the Moscow Patriarchate

Born July 24, 1966 in Moscow

1989 – graduated from the Moscow Seminary

1990 – appointed head of the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Kaunas

1991 – graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy with a degree in theology

1993 – internship at Oxford University, receiving a Ph.D in Philosophy in 1995

1995 – began working in the Russian Orthodox Churchs’ external affairs department, becoming the secretary for interconfessional relations in 1997

1999 – received a doctorate in theology from the Institut de Theologie Saint-Serge in Paris

2002 – anointed Episcopal of Kerchensky, Vicar of the Surozhsk Eparchy

2002 – appointed Episcopal of Podolsk, Vicar of the Moscow Eparchy, head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s representation with international organizations

2003 – appointed Episcopal of Vienna and Austria and interim head of the Budapest and Hungarian Eparchy

2009 – named head of the external relations department of the Russian Orthodox Church

2009 – anointed Archiepiscopal

2010 – anointed Metropolitan by Patriarch Kirill