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Russianist Society in Bulgaria celebrates 50 years

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Russianist Society in Bulgaria celebrates 50 years


Rossotrudnichestvo Russianist Society in Bulgaria has celebrated 50 years anniversary in Sofia at the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL). Extensive congress of teachers and Russian language researches was organized with the help of Russkiy Mir Foundation.

The event was opened with the conference “Slavistics: yesterday, today, tomorrow”. MAPRYAL President Lyudmila Verbitskaya has thanked members of Russianist Society in Bulgaria for an effective work on Russian language and culture promotion over the last half century.

Bulgarian Russian language specialists shared their experience and methodologies of teaching Russian to foreigners. Dozens of russianists from Czech Republic, France, Italy, Serbia, Russia have taken part in the conference round tables.

Lyudmila Verbitskaya has presented philologists Tatiana Aleksieva and Raisa Terzieva with Pushkin medals at the grand evening meeting, after the academic part was over.

Rossotrudnichestvo representatives have wished Russianist Society in Bulgaria, MAPRYAL, and all Russian language scholars continued success in future endeavors. At the end of the ceremony musicians entertained the guests with Slavic music.

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