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Merkel talks about integration to Russian Germans

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Merkel talks about integration to Russian Germans


Representatives of Russian expat community in Germany held a meeting with Chancellor of Germany on May 17 in Berlin, TASS informs. Angela Merkel has never met Russian natives before; despite there are almost 2,5 million of them residing in Germany.

The government considers it is a significant group of people especially for the parliament elections to take place in a few months.

Local mass media sources mark that her knowledge of the Russian language helped Angela Merkel keep up talking to Russian Germans. They touched upon questions of information security and a notorious story of a girl named Lisa, which happened at the beginning of last year.

The focus was on the Bundestag elections for obvious reasons. Following the historical tradition, Russian compatriots living in Germany support Christian Democratic Union of Germany headed by Merkel. However, today’s situation compels many of them to vote for right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany. This party has become first and foremost an anti-immigration party, that built it's success on public anger over Angela Merkel's welcoming policy toward refugees from Arab countries.

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