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The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin speaks with a journalist of Russkiy Mir about the present and the future of the bilateral Russian-Dutch relations, the “Nexit”, the Russian hackers and the compatriots in the Netherlands. - Mr. Shulgin, you arrived to the Netherlands at a period that was not easy for the Russian-Dutch relations. Introduction of the sanctions, accusations of involvement into the crash of the Malaysian aircraft. What tasks did you have at that time? - The main task for any ambassador is to promote...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Politics

How do foreign readers perceive Russian literature? Russians know their classics – Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov – and have favorite contemporary authors – but what about foreigners? We decided to gather authentic reviews from typical readers, and it revealed a whole array of opinions: ecstatic, negative, perplexed, ironic… Pushkin One of the first quotes about Russian literature to be disseminated widely was the response of a Vietnamese student named Li Wong Yan, who studied in the USSR in the mid-1980s. His writings on various topics were so unusual that they were printed in the...

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The number of foreign students in Russian institutions of higher education has risen by almost 10% in the past year. The number of students from Europe has risen by 40%. There has been a substantial rise in students from India and China as well—by 20% and 10%, respectively. Russia is reasserting itself on the global education market. The global trends show that higher education is becoming a more and more international market. According to experts at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, more than four million students go to foreign schools for their post-secondary schooling. In a number states, educational...

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Subject: Education

Our former compatriot Igor Polesitsky occupies the position of first alto in the symphonic orchestra Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, and he also leads the Klezmerata Fiorentina ensemble. He finds a balance between different musical styles with ease, and does it with the same precision he uses to find a balance between Russian, Italian, American, and Jewish cultures. - You have had a very enviable musical career. Tell us how your life came together in such a way that you were magically transported from Kiev, first to America and then to Italy. - I left my native Kiev way back in ’77. I left...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Culture

The metalwork of the Urals is one of Russia’s brands. The roots of this tradition go back to the eighteenth century, and to this day collectors highly value the works of Urals craftspeople. In recent decades the standard-bearer of this craft, the legendary Kasli factory, has run into certain difficulties. Nonetheless, the tradition of artistic metalworking in the Urals remains alive. An Arrival from the Celestial Empire Cast iron is, according to the encyclopedia, the name for an alloy of iron and carbon. The Russian word for cast iron (chugun) derives from Chinese, and this is significant: it...

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Subject: History

One of the key initiatives for the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature was a trip taken by Russian and British writers along the Trans-Siberian railway. Above all, the English were impressed by Russian train attendants, Siberian Shakespeare fans, and the simple fact that Siberia turned out not to be a vacant landscape, but instead a populated land with cities of millions. On 14-16 March, they will talk about their trip at the London Book Fair. What better way to become acquainted with Russia than a journey by train through the entire country? The British Council agreed and invited several guests on a trip down the...

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Russian Expats Youth Forum was held in Barcelona. It was organized by Coordinating Council of Russian compatriots living in Spain and representatives of the youth movement of Russian compatriots, as per Rossotrudnichestvo website. Among forum participants are leaders of youth organizations,...
Russia has become an honored guest of thirty-seventh Salon du livre de Paris (Book Fair in Paris), Russian Witness newspaper reports. Expecting Russian book exhibition in Paris, its organizers arranged a press conference for Russian and French literary figures with the programme titled Russia is...
7th Russian Culture festival Origins started in Moscow, reports Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots Abroad. Russian Compatriots from Europe and US take part in the event. Opening ceremony and the round table were conducted at the State Pushkin Institute of Russian...
Young compatriots from 18 countries came to Saint Petersburg to take part in the 4th cultural-educational Theatrical Petersburg program. This time 80 teens came to participate, Sootechestvenniki (Compatriots) website reports. The closing ceremony was held in in REZIDENZIA theater...