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Sergei Vinogradov Anatoly Solovyev has spent more time in open space than any other resident of Earth. He exited his ship sixteen times while in orbit, spending a total of over three full days of his life in open space. On the eve of Cosmonauts’ Day Anatoly Solovyev told us about breakthroughs in the study of outer space, the prospects of colonizing the Moon or Mars, and why we need to study astronomy in school. - Astronomy is being brought back into the school curriculum. Is that the right thing to do? - It’s certainly the right thing. Every year since they removed it, I’ve been speaking wherever possible about the...

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Photo credit: Government of the Russian Federation The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the procedure for assisting Russian citizens who are not able to return home from abroad, the website of the Government of the Russian Federation reports. Foreign Ministry... .
Photo credit: Railway communication with other countries has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, TASS reports. Russian Railways shut down over twenty foreign destinations. The trains to Belarus became the last on the cancellation list. The corresponding... .
Photo credit: In more than 170 countries around the world, activists are preparing to hold the Immortal Regiment campaign online. The motto of the online procession is “Our Victory is My History,” initiated by the World Coordinating Council of Russian... .
Photo credit: The new Russian-Japanese test system will be put into practice in April, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing the Russian Direct Investment Fund. The Evotech-Mirai Genomix test system, developed by EMG company, makes it possible to identify... .
Photo credit: The Hot Snow of Stalingrad exhibition has opened in Cyprus. Its video version was presented by the Russian Center for Science and Culture, operating in the republic, the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation reports. ... .