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Recently, a team of authors from the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute and their counterparts from several Italian universities prepared a textbook on reading and conversation development for Italian students of the humanities. The textbook is called “Russia – Italy: A Dialogue of Cultures” and was created with financial support from the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The manuscript of the book is already finished and is now being prepared for publication. The description of the textbook states that the dialogue of cultures is presented as “a process and the result of the emergence of texts of one culture with...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: RussianLanguage

Konstantin Bessonov, an entrepreneur from Novosibirsk, is the founder of Termofor, one of the leading producers of wood-burning stoves in Russia. Termofor products are sold not only in Russia but across the CIS and in the European Union. The company’s product line is constantly expanding and new developments are being made by a serious team of designers and engineers. In a sense, Termofor is one example of a successful business that began from the ground up and is not associated with the sale of raw materials but rather with the development of a new quality product that enjoys demand outside the domestic market. Considering the special...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Общество

We are continuing our series of interviews with the participants of the Third Assembly of the Russian World, which is devoted this year to the idea of reconciliation. Perhaps first of all the issue is one of restoring unity, albeit symbolic, between the current residents of Russia and the descendants of the first wave of Russian emigration. Right now these descendants are a relatively small but tight-knit community linked by a network of Russian Orthodox parishes and emigre organizations, many of which have been active for decades. Alexander Trubetskoy is one of the prominent representatives of this particular branch of the Russian world. He...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Diaspora

On November 9, on the eve of the EU-Russia Summit planned for November 18, the Third European Russian Forum took place in Brussels, which was devoted to the topic: “United Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific: Dreams or a Possibility?” The forum, which was organized on the initiative of Tatiana Zhdanok, a Latvian member of the European Parliament, was held with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the Green Parties/European Free Alliance and the Moscow city government. Participants in the meeting included political scientists and public figures from Russia and Europe, members of the European Parliament and...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Politics

Elizaveta Khamraeva is Doctor of Education and Professor of Slavic Languages at Moscow State Pedagogical University, managing editor at the Drofa publishing house and author of numerous teaching guides for Russian language studies (including a new Russian language textbook for bilingual children that was developed with financial support from the Russkiy Mir Foundation). We sat down and spoke with her about the extent to which the adaptation of immigrant children in Russian schools is a major issue, the difficulties that exist in this area, and more effective methods of teaching Russian in bilingual environments. –  Dr. Khamraeva,...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Общество

On August 4, the Israeli Knesset’s Committee on Education, Culture and Sports discussed a proposal by Vice Speaker Alex Miller and public immigrant organizations, led by the Israeli Association for Immigrant Children, to make changes in the country’s school curriculum. The proposal aims to give all students the opportunity to study Russian as a second foreign language at the elementary and secondary school levels. We asked Dr. Marina Niznik, an instructor at Tel Aviv University, to comment on the Israeli deputies’ initiative and the general situation with Russian language education in Israel. Dr. Niznik is the head author...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Education


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Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) More than 300 events to be included in the program of the Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF), according to the website of the Year of Literature. The fair kicks off on September, 24.  Many well-known authors will join the... .
Photo credit: M. Mishin / Press Service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow / (CC BY 4.0) The Russian Emergencies Ministry will deliver humanitarian aid to Laos, TASS reports. Almost 30,000 doses of the Sputnik Light coronavirus vaccine were loaded aboard a special plane... .
Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) The Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the multinational technology company Huawei have agreed on a global cooperation. The company plans to use the experience of the conservatory staff in setting up devices with impeccable sound and to... .