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On March 24, 1999, the NATO operation against Yugoslavia started. With  unprecedented cynicism, NATO strategists called it Merciful Angel. As a result of the airstrikes, more than 500 civilians were killed. The economic damage caused to Serbia has been estimated at $1 billion. The airstrikes destroyed a large number of not only military, but also civil assets, including the Belgrade TV Center and TV Tower, hospitals and fire engine stations, oil refineries and power stations, factories and plants, including chemical and pharmaceutical ones, agricultural production storage facilities and grain elevators, bridges, highways, railway...

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Metropolitan Laurus, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, has passed away – and this is a sad event, much like any other passing. However, the grief caused by this lamentable occasion is coupled with positive feelings. Metropolitan Laurus managed to complete the most vital deed – the rapprochement of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and the Moscow Patriarchate, which has become the most crucial event for Russian Orthodoxy over the past decade. Metropolitan Laurus was born in 1928 in Slovakia and linked his life with the Russian Orthodox Church. Of course there have been many other important events, but the...

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March 13, 1869, is considered to be the day when Dmitry Mendeleev completed his work on the Periodic Table of Elements. This table represented the most vital and personal achievement of Russian science for all students of the Soviet and post-Soviet era. At least, the table hanging on the wall of chemistry classrooms, often featuring Mendeleev with his long grey hair and impressive beard, established clear visual contact with the scientist. One could not help glancing at a picture at least once during a lesson. On top of that, close scrutiny of his table was the only chemistry-related skill achieved by many pupils at chemistry...

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Photo credit: More than 160 teams will join the International Army Games, which will start on August 23. They will represent 30 countries, Interfax reports. All participants in the International Army Games will be quarantined before the start of... .
The People's University of Culture of the Russian Center in Limassol resumed its work after the quarantine. The Russian Center operates on the basis of the Russian House in Cyprus. “This year, given the ongoing restrictions due to the coronavirus, we will... .
Photo credit: The Russian capital took the 18th place in the international ranking of digital transformation of cities, compiled by the Tholons agency. The city improved its positions on a number of indicators and rised five lines in comparison with the previous rating,... .
Photo credit: Summer School for foreign students will open in Moscow.  It is going to introduce the sudents to the history and culture of Russia, as well as tell about the current life of the country. The classes, which will be held from 10 to 22... .
Photo credit: Marina Longortova / A photo exhibition entitled Russian Civilization has opened in the Austrian capital. It was organized by the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo, the agency's website reports. The exhibition is held online. The exhibits were the... .