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Online lecture by Vyacheslav Nikonov, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on education and science, Dean of the faculty of public administration of Moscow State University, Chairman of the Board of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, delivered on may 14, 2020 at the expert platform of Moscow state University During the pandemic, many, if not all, had more time to think. Everyone, without exception, follows the news, thinks about what is happening, what will happen. I am doing it, too. Indeed, it is time to think about yourself, about the human community, about the future. Why be interested...

Rubric: Commentary
Subject: Diaspora

Sergei Vinogradov Photo: Iuri Kashin Letters from the front constitute the basis for new tourist routes that are opening in various parts of Russia this year. The eight winners have been announced in a contest for historical military routes called “Take pride, country, in your valiant sons!” Sightseers visit memorable locations connected to World War Two, which are described by those who participated in these events in letters to their loved ones. The authors of three winning routes gave tours to a correspondent from Russkiy Mir. Viewing history through the testimony of those who lived it isn’t a...

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Subject: Array

Editors of Russkiy Mir On 7 April a bilateral meeting called “Strategic Dialogue: Russia and India” took place between Russian and Indian experts. Its organizers were two long-time partners: the Russkiy Mir Foundation and the Observer Research Foundation in India. The meeting was scheduled to precede the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and India, celebrated on 13 April. Experts representing Russian and India took part in this meeting. The opening address and greeting were given by the First Deputy Chairman of the Russian...

Rubric: Commentary
Subject: Общество

The number of foreign students in Russian institutions of higher education has risen by almost 10% in the past year. The number of students from Europe has risen by 40%. There has been a substantial rise in students from India and China as well—by 20% and 10%, respectively. Russia is reasserting itself on the global education market. The global trends show that higher education is becoming a more and more international market. According to experts at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, more than four million students go to foreign schools for their post-secondary schooling. In a number states, educational...

Rubric: Commentary
Subject: Education

Photo: Dmitry Azarov / Commerstant Politologists are discussing the statement of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilhan Aliev on the Republican Armed Forces Day, which he made during his speech for the soldiers and where he admitted a possibility to grant Nagorniy Karabakh a “special status” within the Republic. “Can we regard the President’s statement as a step forward? Perhaps. Although Nagorniy Karabakh did have a special status in Azerbaijan during Soviet times”, said dean of the government management of the Moscow state University, deputy of State Duma and President of...

Rubric: Commentary
Subject: Politics

Higher School of Economics experts conducted a study of schools that have percentage of immigrant students. They studied the in-class environment, academic progress, knowledge of Russian language, and other important parameters. It turned out that the common assumption that some schools are at a disadvantage due to large immigrant student populations is often unsubstantiated. – Oh, that school is Azerbaijani (Dagestani, Kyrgyz)... – gossip the local women. For parents looking for the best school for their child, such words often sound like a prison sentence. But the question remains: what are the...

Rubric: Commentary
Subject: Education


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Photo credit: Russia has resumed air traffic with South Korea, RIA Novosti reports. This happened on September 27, the corresponding decision was approved by the Russian government last week. Earlier, international flights were canceled due to the coronavirus... .
Photo credit: The Finnish journalist Erkka Mikkonen called Kamchatka the pearl of the Far East and a land with incredible landscapes. The journalist traveled around the region in a Ural truck. The correspondent was amazed by the natural wonders that fill the visit to... .
Photo credit: Manuscripts of the translation of Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace by the legendary Chinese translator Cao Ying are on display at the Maritime Silk Road Culture and Tourism Fair in Ningbo (China). This year, Russia has become a guest of honor at the... .
Photo credit: The Grand Prix of the most popular Formula 1 car races in the world will be held in Sochi for the 7th time, the stage began on September 25 and will last three days. The Russian stage will be the 10th this season. The races will gather about 30,000... .