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Julia Goryacheva Prominent Russian linguist, the person behind establishment of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute and its first principle Vitaly Kostomarov recently celebrated his 90th birthday. However he does not quit his scientific researches. The scientist told the Russkiy Mir why Russian continues to be one of the most successful languages in the world and how the Soviet leaders facilitated the fact that we continue to speak the language created by Pushkin and Karamzin two centuries ago. – Vitaly Grigoryevich, you are a well-known linguist who has developed a special scientific field - linguistic and...

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Julia Goryacheva Turkan Oldjay, a Chair professor of Russian language and literature at Istanbul University, believes that the most important task in studying Russian language at the present stage is mastering not only the language system, but also history, literature and culture of the Russian people. We talked with the scholar researching Russian-Turkish cultural relations about Russian émigrés in Turkey, translations of Russian literature into Turkish, and how much Russian language and Russian culture are in demand in Turkey today. – Mrs. Oldjay, you are a well-known philologist, researcher and author...

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Sergey Vinogradov The Moscow folk dance ensemble Gzhel welcomed the New Year in Verona and will tour Italy almost until the end of January. The Gzhel was performing in China during the part of December. One of the most touring folk ensembles in Russia spends abroad six months or more per year. And the political upheavals of recent years had little to no effect on its touring schedule. What makes The Gzhel unique is that the show performed for spectators all over the world includes not only Russian songs, dances and rites (as well as art of other Slavic peoples), but also folk artworks and crafts. The dance theater managers told...

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Sergey Vinogradov Over the 10 years since its establishment, the Vologda Lace Museum has become one of the world centers of lacemaking. In the past year, the Museum opened an exhibition and gave a master class in Iran, trained lacemakers from the USA and Estonia, exhibited and accepted unique Maltese lace as a gift, as well as participated in other international projects. In the summer of 2020, Vologda will host the Vita Lace, an international lace festival, which will bring together the creme de la creme of global lace community from Finland to Australia. Artisans, who had made Vologda lace famous worldwide 40+ years ago, shared...

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Sergey Vinogradov Russian language courses are being reopened in colleges and universities of Canada after the scope of Russian-language education having been scaled down for 10 to 15 years. Tatyana Kruglikova, the principal of the Gramota Russian School in Montreal, told it to the Russkiy Mir. The school welcomes children of compatriots, for whom Russian is the native language, as well as children from mixed families, for whom the major one is still English or French; and their parents study in groups for elder students. Over the quarter century of the Russian school’s existence, teachers have developed their own...

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Sergey Vinogradov In December 1769, the decree on the establishment of the Order of St. George as the highest military decoration of the Russian Empire was signed by Empress Catherine the Great. It was pointed out that the order should not be awarded for the “noble race”, but for “special acts of courage,” that is, for personal valor. In modern times, the Order of St. George, abrogated in 1917, was revived; the statute of the order was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2000. 20 years ago no one really could suspect that a few years later the St. George Ribbon would become the most important patriotic symbol...

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Photo credit: The Russian-speaking society in Norrkoping, Sweden, organized a literary evening dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the outstanding Russian writer Alexander Kuprin. The guests were told about the life of the writer, read excerpts from his iconic works,... .
Photo credit: German customs officials are going to return 3,000 icons to Russia, TASS reports. They were all confiscated in an attempted smuggling into Germany. According to Major General of Police Alexander Prokopchuk, head of the National Central Bureau (NCB) of... .
Photo credit: a shot from Soldier / The Felix Prize Russian Film Festival opens on September 24 in the Italian province of Lombardy for the third time. The films will be screened in September and October in cinemas in Milan and two other cities in the province, and... .