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Did Trump Win Among the Russians of the US?

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Did Trump Win Among the Russians of the US?


News on Donald Trump being elected as the US President were met with an applause by the members of the State Duma. This topic trends on media and social networks worldwide. Russians living in the US were very emotional about Trump winning the race.

The Mourners

They are 99.9 percent of the Democrats. They start their posts with phrases like “Today we woke up in a different country”, Back to the XIX century, or How do I explain decisions of our President to my children. However, many of them criticized Clinton as well.


Many of the mourners went really harsh on Clinton. Lev Trakhtenberg: Dear Hilary, this is your fault! I was so happy to have the first female president after the first African American president. I was even happy for you that you wanted revenge for your husband. But learning about you and your life made me turn away from you. Your self-interest and deceitfulness were killing me. Your fake smile is even worse than Trump and his shenanigans. This is disappointing. And it was proven by the people of the US. No joy…

The Happy

Mainly they are represented by the third wave immigrants, who managed to integrate into the American society. They are not always supported by their younger relatives, no matter what their social status is.

Gennady Katsov, a famous journalist, is pretty neutral: Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Trump receives 274 votes, while Clinton - 218. Good morning, America!

Not only did he win, he led his Party to win over the Senate, even when the Party didn’t support him – says Eduard Klebano of Boston.

Vlad Gorny, head of the most famous private educational institution in Brookline: He will make America great again!

Congratulations to Trump supporters!

Trump is a President! Hurray!

This is the end of the Clinton dynasty and their successor Obama.

People are against her, gushes Evgeny Smirnov from New Jersey.

I used to support Clinton, but it was too much of her. She was fake, I was so over it, comments Levon Braun from Las Vegas.

Because of her trying so hard to take over the power, we have a narcissist on the throne. This is her fault. One has to know when to leave! concludes Katya Mukhminova.

There were people who didnt support either of the candidates. Such ethical choice was too much for them. Some of them didnt vote at all, some voted for a third candidate.

You get as many opinions, as many people you have. In Russia, we know how it can turn out. So, I want to say to my compatriots: dont fight and dont feel sad. Everything will be fine, if you will talk less politics, but will be taking good care of each other instead.


New publications

"Russians build houses from things they have available at hand. Their skills and sense of beauty are admired all over the world," says photographer Fyodor Savintsev. Fyodor was engaged in photojournalism for about 20 years. His attention recently has been drawn to Russian "dachas" - country houses that might seem to be of a dime-a-dozen type and are scattered throughout the Arkhangelsk region.
Today Russian ballet is a world-famous brand. It was Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian ballerina, who made it this way more than a hundred years ago. She was the one who suggested Sergei Diaghilev to include ballet performances in Russian Seasons. And soon the whole world was at Pavlova's feet. February 12 marks the 140th anniversary of the birth of this outstanding woman, whose name is remembered and whose talent is still admired all over the world.
Alexander Veraksa, Doctor of Psychology and Head of the Department of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, won the 2019 Russian Federation Presidential science and innovation award for young people. His educational methods are used not only in Russia but also in many countries of the world. The Russkiy Mir spoke with the scientist about the developmental features of contemporary children.
In recent days, the #1 topic in the Western and Russian media is the confirmation of the effectiveness and safety of the Sputnik V vaccine by The Lancet, one of the most authoritative medical journals in the world. The World Health Organization has already stated that they consider the presented test results as proof of the quality of the Russian vaccine.
Stanislav Beletskiy, a teacher from Krasnoyarsk, gives Russian language classes at the University of Dodoma, one of Tanzanias leading universities. He recently posted a video from his class where students occupied all desks, sat on the floor,and in the aisles. Seven years ago, when he first arrived in Tanzania, there were six people in the group only, and now theres no room to swing a cat.
Vasily Lanovoy used to call himself a "theater soldier." But he can actually be called a soldier of the bygone but great era and rightfully so - he did not betray its ideals and did not exchange them for something material or transitory. Therefore, he will stay in our hearts and soul of the purest and most worthy memories about that time, as an image of a human being and man.
The first Museum of Self-Isolation opened in Russia. The joint collaborative project of theMuseum of Moscowand Triumph Gallery has already attracted attention of colleagues from Berlin, London, New York. Anna Trapkova, director general of theMuseum of Moscow, talks with Russkiy Mir about some artifacts from Coronavirus times and how the museum has became an archive of emotions and habits of online people.
According to a recent study by the Oxford Internet Institute of Oxford University, 750,000 Russian companies sold software to the UK alone in 2018. According to a recent report by the Center for Economic and Business Research, one of the UK's leading economics consultancies, Russia's economic performance has been evaluated as better than the Western one by many indicators. Having reviewed the report, a Japanese expert wrote that the IT Kingdom" had been formed in Russia.