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For Russian women who pioneered aviation, everything started in 1911. The skies virus used to penetrate their hearts through various paths. In some cases it came along with love. A general’s daughter. A duchess by her husband’s right, who belonged to the Rurik dynasty. A professional actress. A genteel and well educated lady. A princess by birth. An Odessa native with millionaire uncle of Italian origin. And a lady of incomprehensible origin. In the early 20th century such girls and ladies were known as Aviatresses. Though they dubbed themselves as “air wanderesses”. The Society of Air Fleet’s Friends was...

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A large-scale educational event Total Dictation is going to take place on April 13, 2019. Hundreds of thousands of people in Russia and abroad are going to test their literacy. Not everyone knows that Total Dictation has a "younger brother"  - the TruD test. It was created specifically for those who study Russian as a foreign language, bilingual children, their parents and all those who are not yet fluent in Russian. Olga Rebkovets, the head of Total Dictation project, told us about the test and its first results. - We all know how Total Dictation goes: at a certain time, people gather in a lecture room...

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A. Solzhenitsyn. Penza, 1995. Photo: Solzhenitsyn family Century-old anniversary of writer, publisher, public figure Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was celebrated across the word on December 11. Well-known French translator Anne Coldefy-Faucard with Russian roots dedicated more than 30 years to translation of his novel The Red Wheel. Today she hopes that readers interest in the writer and his novel is to return yet.  - Anne, you've received the Read Russia award in September for your translation of April of 1917 and The Red Wheel by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. How did this global romance...

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Polina Skolkova Winter with its crispy frost became a brand, a symbol of our country. “Russia? Yeah, it's cold there!” And indeed, what could be more beautiful than real Russian winter? Some people from big cities don't have a memory of a white snow. Some of them are wining about dirty streets and lack of sunny days, some of them pass all daytime in heated offices or flats. However, on weekend it's a real joy to go out to parks, on cross-country skiing, skating, and even ice hole swimming. It's a special pleasure to visit one of street fairs with all the entertainment involved, to drink hot...

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Kira Kamneva Photo: Far East Federal University According to experts, Russia is currently ranked fifth and sixth in the world market of educational services. By 2025, the number of foreign full-time students who study in Russian universities should increase to 710 thousand people - this numbers are stipulated by the state priority program Development of the Export Capacity of the Russian Education System. Revenues from educating foreign students should reach almost 400 billion rubles. The priority program was developed in May of 2017 and aims at...

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Alla Berezovskaya Compatriots in Riga commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The conference of Baltic human rights advocates was held there. Representatives from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia took part in it. And though the occasion was sort of heartwarming – anniversary commemoration, most of participants spoke with concern and regrets about worsening of human rights crisis in their countries. Does it mean that today the declaration adopted by the UN in 1948 as the universal document is nothing more than a letter to Santa Claus?.. The founder of the...

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On September 11 and 12 a number of events took place in Bratislava dedicated to the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism, which has been celebrated annually since 1962 on the second Sunday of September, since it was in this month that the Second World War began and... .
Photo credit: Russia is very grateful to Beijing for its careful attitude to the preservation of historical and cultural monuments related to our country, which are located in China. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, who was speaking at the... .
Photo credit: faceboot/Russian Embassy in Australia Kalinka dance group from Australia created by Russian compatriots has become a participant of children multicultural festival. The 21st celebration of kids creativity skills took place in Sydney, Vremya Novostey Australian TV... .