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More Stars Than in the Sky Above

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More Stars Than in the Sky Above


“You should bear firmly in mind that of all the arts, cinema is the most important to us.” Many of our compatriots – emigrants of the first wave whose contribution to the Dream Factory is difficult to overestimate – could bravely endorse this famous Leninist expression. According to the film historian Sergei Kudryavtsev, “the earliest meticulous study of various Western directories found no less startling information. It’s time to begin counting the few figures in film who have nothing to do with Russia at all.”

Nobody has yet succeeded in calculating the exact number of people from Russia who have left their mark on Hollywood. Very different and rough estimates show that the total number varies from several hundred to several thousand. Coming up with a precise number is problematic given the difficulty in determining the criteria for counting. Marcello Mastroianni, Jean-Michel Jarraud, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, and many other actors, directors, writers and composers have all had Russian ancestors. These people quite obviously cannot be considered Russians, however. After all, if we delve into all their backgrounds, just as many will come up with German, Dutch or Irish roots.

There is obviously no need to be overly dramatic in telling the story. Russian writers and journalists have long written about Russians in Hollywood. In their view, had it not been for censorship, the pale of settlement, the cost of admission to universities and the pogroms, Russia – even tsarist Russia – could well have become the birthplace of film.

This view was adhered to not so much by Soviet researchers, as one might assume, but by


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"Russians build houses from things they have available at hand. Their skills and sense of beauty are admired all over the world," says photographer Fyodor Savintsev. Fyodor was engaged in photojournalism for about 20 years. His attention recently has been drawn to Russian "dachas" - country houses that might seem to be of a dime-a-dozen type and are scattered throughout the Arkhangelsk region.
Today Russian ballet is a world-famous brand. It was Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian ballerina, who made it this way more than a hundred years ago. She was the one who suggested Sergei Diaghilev to include ballet performances in Russian Seasons. And soon the whole world was at Pavlova's feet. February 12 marks the 140th anniversary of the birth of this outstanding woman, whose name is remembered and whose talent is still admired all over the world.
Alexander Veraksa, Doctor of Psychology and Head of the Department of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, won the 2019 Russian Federation Presidential science and innovation award for young people. His educational methods are used not only in Russia but also in many countries of the world. The Russkiy Mir spoke with the scientist about the developmental features of contemporary children.
In recent days, the #1 topic in the Western and Russian media is the confirmation of the effectiveness and safety of the Sputnik V vaccine by The Lancet, one of the most authoritative medical journals in the world. The World Health Organization has already stated that they consider the presented test results as proof of the quality of the Russian vaccine.
Stanislav Beletskiy, a teacher from Krasnoyarsk, gives Russian language classes at the University of Dodoma, one of Tanzania’s leading universities. He recently posted a video from his class where students occupied all desks, sat on the floor,and in the aisles. Seven years ago, when he first arrived in Tanzania, there were six people in the group only, and now there’s no room to swing a cat.
Vasily Lanovoy used to call himself a "theater soldier." But he can actually be called a soldier of the bygone but great era and rightfully so - he did not betray its ideals and did not exchange them for something material or transitory. Therefore, he will stay in our hearts and soul of the purest and most worthy memories about that time, as an image of a human being and man.
The first Museum of Self-Isolation opened in Russia. The joint collaborative project of the Museum of Moscow and Triumph Gallery has already attracted attention of colleagues from Berlin, London, New York. Anna Trapkova, director general of the Museum of Moscow, talks with Russkiy Mir about some artifacts from Coronavirus times and how the museum has became an archive of emotions and habits of online people.
According to a recent study by the Oxford Internet Institute of Oxford University, 750,000 Russian companies sold software to the UK alone in 2018. According to a recent report by the Center for Economic and Business Research, one of the UK's leading economics consultancies, Russia's economic performance has been evaluated as better than the Western one by many indicators. Having reviewed the report, a Japanese expert wrote that the “IT Kingdom" had been formed in Russia.