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There are people who, sent to Earth from above, perform their mission in life quietly and with modesty, despite the politics involved. Many of them don’t realize the significance of their work. They know only that they simply couldn’t have done otherwise… Looking through Turkestanskiye vedomosti in the museum archive, I paid attention to one particular item. It began: “Staraya Bukhara, August 15, 1922. Malaria in Bukhara is taking on frightful dimensions. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of cases...In the old pharmacy, the only one in the entire city, a mass of people is gathering to stand in line,...

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Veronika Krasheninnikova, who holds a PhD in history, has studied in Leningrad, Sorbonne, at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and at New York University. She has worked for the United Nations in Geneva. She is currently the representative of the Russkiy Mir Foundation in North America. – Ms Krasheninnikova, the main subject of our discussion today is the Russkiy Mir Foundation. Can you tell us in greater detail what the foundation is all about? – Russkiy Mir is the first serious Russian initiative aimed at increasing the popularity of Russian culture. It is serious in that its leadership is of a very high caliber:...

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The main intrigue has been resolved. Everything happened as predicted. On January 27, 2009, a new head of the Russian Orthodox Church was elected. That Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad would be chosen was predicted long before the Church Council convened, although it only became clear once the vote tally was announced. The doubts expressed concerning the victory of Metropolitan Kirill were weakly based on the idea that his main competitor, chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk, would be able to unite the church opposition around himself. The uncertainty about the outcome was due to...

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After the end of the Second World War, Russian refugees in Yugoslavia (including Montenegro, which became one of the six parts of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) had to face the new reality of Tito’s Communist regime. The new authorities closed all йmigrй institutions, including schools, hospitals, and newspapers. It is not surprising that many White йmigrйs decided to leave for other countries. In 1948, Russians living in Yugoslavia had to endure a new challenge when disagreements between the Stalin and Tito reached their peak. Eventually relations between the two countries were severed, which had a direct (of course,...

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When Natasha Mozgovaya, a well-known journalist, was asked what she, a Russian-speaking Israeli, thought about the state of affairs in Russian Palestine, she replied without hesitation, “the country we live in is Israel” and “‘Russian Palestine’ most likely means the Russian wives of Palestinians.” Israelis generally do not reflect on how this Palestine lives. On the one hand, since the beginning of the intifada, Israelis generally do not enter the Arab towns in the West Bank and the Gaza strip, save for those on active military duty. The Russian wives of Palestinian Arabs are hardly ever employed in...

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Dear Colleagues and Friends! I wholeheartedly wish you a Happy New Year and wonderful Christmas! In saying goodbye to the outgoing year, we remember our difficulties and accomplishments, and for each they are unique, but there is an idea that unites us all regardless of borders and distances.  This is the idea of Russkiy Mir – our own common home and our common aspirations, the idea of a great and spiritual Fatherland. In this past year we have together made a major step forward toward the uniting and strengthening of Russkiy Mir. But its potential has not yet been realized, and there is still much for us to do in order to show...

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Photo credit: The border service is preparing to introduce one-time electronic visas for foreign citizens, TASS reports. From the beginning of next year, they will operate throughout the country. According to Vladimir Kulishov, the head of the department, citizens of... .
Photo credit: Polina Tankilevitch / Eight vaccines from the new coronavirus have been provided by Moscow to the World Health Organization (WHO), RIA Novosti reports. According to Melita Vujnovic, the WHO representative in Russia, the country has made a huge... .
Photo credit: Representatives of American educational institutions conducting training in Russian were invited to join the Association of Russian Schools in the United States. The association was established after last year's conference of Russian compatriots, its first... .
Photo credit: More than a thousand books in Russian, which were part of Andrei Tkachenko’s private collection, have been restored in Australia. The Kursk native began collecting his library in the 1930s in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and then moved to... .
Photo credit: Moscow will send invitations to the Victory Parade for the second time, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reports. In particular, the authorities will invite French President Emanuel Macron, who was the first of the foreign leaders to respond to the... .