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Photo credit: Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III expressed strong support for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Interfax news agency reports. According to him, there is only one Orthodox church in Ukraine - the one led by Metropolitan Onufry and which over the past year has been attacked by the Ukrainian...

06.09.2019 Subject: Religion

Photo: Orthodox worshippers around the globe celebrate one of the main church holidays - the Ascension of Christ – on Thursday, June 6, TASS reports. After the Resurrection, the Savior repeatedly met with his apostles, teaching them the basics of faith. On...

06.06.2019 Subject: Religion

Orthodox Christians mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ on April, 28. On the previous day, the Holy Fire arrived in Moscow from Jerusalem. It was delivered to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia leads the festive Easter service there. "I would like...

28.04.2019 Subject: Religion

Photo: Primates of the four most ancient Orthodox churches of the world have called for the protection of the temples of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, RIA Novosti reports. This issue was discussed during the meeting of the Patriarchs of Alexandria Theodore II, John the Antioch X, Jerusalem Theophilus III...

19.04.2019 Subject: Religion


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New Publications

Russian language does not have days off. It is not afraid of pandemics. And sometimes it benefits from self-isolation of those who seek to master it. Having worked online for months, Russian language courses around the world are setting to actively accepts students into offline groups. The Russkiy Mir contacted teachers from different countries and found out that the lockdown and experience in e-teaching opened up new opportunities for specialists in Russian philology. Some of them conceived the idea to develop a system of electronic textbooks and globalize the programs; others initiated active engagement of lecturers and guests from all over the world for their online classes, and also mastered advanced training for teachers in virtual environment.
Starting from Peter the Great days, Russian glossary of nautical terms was compiled based on Dutch terms. Furthermore, it experienced a significant impact from English, German and Italian terminology. Events associated with naval glory of Russia can be reconstructed through interpretation of those inherent terms. The Battle of Chesma is one of such events.
Russia Day is celebrated on June 12. 30 years have passed since the signing of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. This date is especially symbolic on the eve of the constitutional vote. After all, amendments to the Basic Law are not only about social guarantees, the protection of labor rights and the distribution of powers between branches of government. They are also about Russia - about its national interests and values.