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Around 500 goods have got the Made in Russia program certificates by now, RT informs. According to Director of Made in Russia Export Center Vera Podguzova, the marking system is successfully implemented, the program is developing very fast and actively popularized at the foreign markets. ...

24.04.2018 Subject: Economics

Russian Aeroflot has confirmed the complications with obtaining US visas for the aircraft crew members, TASS informs. The day before the Russian MFA has stressed that if such challenges will continue there is a chance that flights between the US and Russia will be suspended. ...

20.04.2018 Subject: Economics

Research and Studies Center Cosmonauts' training centre n.a. Gagarin The monument to the first cosmonaut of the Earth Yuri Gagarin is erected at the Russian station Progress in Antarctica, IA Interfax reports. Russian, Chinese, and Indian polar explorers were present at the bust...

23.02.2018 Subject: Economics

Scotland targets to broaden cooperation with Russia in the field of economy. According to the trade representative of the Russian Federation in UK Boris Abramov, even growing anti-Russian rhetoric was not an obstacle to this intention. He has noted that the petroleum industry, technologies and education are the fields of the keenest interest of the Scottish partners, RIA Novosti...

31.01.2018 Subject: Economics

The Parliament of Belgium is considering a resolution about lifting anti-Russian sanctions imposed by EU, TASS reports. As per one of the initiators of this resolution, Flemish Interest party leader Filip Dewinter, the decision on the resolution will be made after Prime Minister of the Kingdom Charles Michel comes back from Russia. The visit of the Prime Minister to Russia is scheduled from...

30.01.2018 Subject: Economics

Russian car Lada can win market from German and Japanese cars in China, RIA Novosti reports. Leader of Russian automobile market AutoVAZ enters the Chinese market. Local media prognoses that Russian cars have chances to be no less popular than Honda и Volkswagen. ...

27.01.2018 Subject: Economics

International rating agency Moody's included into the Big Three Rating Agencies has improved the outlook of the prioritized unsecured debt of the Russian Federation, TASS reports. Current outlook has changed from stable to positive at Ba1 grade. Experts explain that the improvements in our country’s positions are caused by increase of institutional evidence. Besides, they note there are improvements of...

26.01.2018 Subject: Economics

The first dispatch of Russian liquefied natural gas has been exported beyond Russia, RIA Novosti informs. It was delivered in Gaselys tanker of French company Engie to the port of Boston. Now the ship remains off the harbor near the shore. The gas was produced at Yamal SPG factory, as mass...

25.01.2018 Subject: Economics

The World Bank has announced that a higher growth of Russian economics is expected in 2018, 1.7% instead of the previously expected 104%, according to The forecasted GGDP growth has also increased from 1.4% to 1.8%. The specialists believe that increase in the global economics won’t...

10.01.2018 Subject: Economics


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"The BRICS group was conceived as virtual reality. As something discussed by economists and international politics experts. Although the countries have been interacting with one another for centuries. And the real basis of their multilateral interaction was already there in the shape of the famous Russia-India-China triangle brought into circulation by Evgeny Primakov. The transformation of BRICS into an influential international format went through several stages, and at each stage the role of experts was paramount."
Olga Zatsepina is a teacher of English language and American culture, the head of the Russian-American Cultural Heritage Center (RACH-C), and a board member of the International Council of Russian Compatriots. She shared about her life after leaving Russia, as well as the RACH-C’s involvement in strengthening Russian-American relations and in preserving Russian cultural heritage.
On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Garden of Remembrance international campaign sums up the first results. From March 18 to May 1, 2020, more than 7,000 people in 15 countries planted 5.5 million trees. The action is supposed to represent a living monument of nature. 27 million trees will be planted in honor of 27 million who died during the Great Patriotic War. People’s artist of the USSR, co-chair of the Immortal Regiment movement and volunteer of the Garden of Remembrance Vasily Lanovoy spoke to Russkiy Mir about the way this goal would be achieved and why the action turned into a national flash mob.
Russian community of Seattle is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. Igor Nozdrin, the coordinator of the Immortal Regiment movement and executive director of the Russian-American Cooperation Initiative, told us about preparation, as well as his vision of development of civil diplomacy.