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Yalta hosted an opening ceremony of the 32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt monument, as per RIA Novosti. Yalta mayor Andrey Rostenko addressed the citizens and city guests with the message that Roosevelt monument is built up in commemoration of President’s merits for the victory over Fascism and for keeping peace. ...

24.04.2017 Subject: Economics

History revisionism implies huge risks, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes. He made this statement in the course of his speech at Pobeda (Victory) organizing committee session. In his opinion, this is a direct way towards splitting the world community, RIA Novosti informs. ...

21.04.2017 Subject: Economics

British auction house Christie's addressed history, not culture for the first time of its existence, as per IA Interfax. The auction will be held on April 20. Rarities reminding us of the last century’s important events and influencing the international politics will be put out for this auction. Uprising! Geopolitical Snapshots of XX Century Auction will be organized...

18.04.2017 Subject: Economics

Test on World War II history will be written on 22nd of April, as per TASS. Premises for its conduction will be opened in fifty countries around the world. The test will be organized as a part of project titled I am proud of Russia every day! According to organizers, the test will be passed in almost every region of our country. The action will be named The Test on...

13.04.2017 Subject: Economics

Wooden fortress dating back the fourteenth century is to be built at the territory of museum-reserve Kulikovo field located in the Tula Region. According to museum director Vladimir Gritsenko, it will be erected at the bank of the Don River near the Monastyrschino village. The construction works are to be completed in four years. Buildings will...

13.04.2017 Subject: Economics

Estonian collector of military hardware Mikk Lohmus saved the only undamaged T-34 left after the historic link-up between Soviet and American soldiers at the Elbe River on April 24, 1945 from being cut into waste metal, according to RIA Novosti. Mikk Lohmus managed to restore history around the saved T-34-85. The vehicle was manufactured at the Ural tank factory and sent to the front line. ...

11.04.2017 Subject: Economics

Another educational program for young compatriots Reading Book about Blockade took place in Saint Petersburg for the 3d time. More than 60 people from 14 countries including our compatriots from CIS and European countries participate in this popular event. This project devoted to the...

10.04.2017 Subject: Economics

Russian Center of Pisa and The University of Pisa have organized presentation of the book Russia 1917. Year of Revolution, written by professor of the Naples Eastern University G. Capri. The volume is dedicated to the wide variety of versions of events surrounding two Russian revolutions in 1917. The book represents a comprehensive anthology of...

10.04.2017 Subject: Economics

Gorokhovets from Vladimir district is included in UNESCO World Heritage Centre protected cultural landscapes preliminary list, RIA Novosti reports. The historical center of this old town is a unique cultural monument for architecture and archaeology. The town conserved the way it was from the very beginning. The development of the territory was carried out for centuries the same. ...

21.03.2017 Subject: Economics

Chairman of the Management Board of the Russkiy Mir Foundation and Chairman of the State Duma Education Committee Vyacheslav Nikonov received Best Book and Publishing Agencies award for two fundamental literary works, press-office of the Education and Science Committee at the State Duma reports. Two-volume monography Molotov. Our Action is Right issued by Molodaya Gvardia...

16.03.2017 Subject: Economics

All countries interested in keeping world historical and cultural heritage may join mine-lifting operations in ancient Palmyra, TASS reports. According to Sergey Rudskoy who is managing the main operational administration of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, representatives of...

10.03.2017 Subject: Economics


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New Publications

This year marks the 130th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Zworykin, a famous Russian inventor and the pioneer of television technology. His name was unknown for a long time in Russia. Meanwhile, in the United States, where the inventor lived most of his life, at some point he was under supervision, as the FBI suspected him to be a Russian spy.
The Russian village of Aleksandrovka, an amazing corner of Russian history, has been preserved in one of the districts of Potsdam. The Alexander Nevsky Memorial Church, the oldest surviving Orthodox church in Germany, is located on a mountain nearby. The history behind this village is, first of all, the story of friendship between two royal persons - Frederick William III of Prussia and Alexander I of Russia. Andrei Chernodarov, a historian and cultural expert, told the Russkiy Mir on how this unusual monument came to existence and how it has been preserved.
William Brumfield, a researcher of Russian architecture and Professor of the Tulane University (New Orleans), has travelled thousands of kilometers along passable and impassable roads of the Russian North. Architecture at the End of the Earth, his book published in the USA in 2015, became quite an event in the scientific community. Russian edition of Towards the White Sea has been published this year.
International Puppet Theatre Festival “Ryazanskie Smotriny” (Showing-off in Ryazan), one of the largest and the most reputable festivals in Russia and whole Eastern Europe, will open in Sergei Yesenin’s home land on September 14th. Current “show” marks a milestone, not by its number, but by years: the Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary, and Petrushka, its symbol, shines out of posters like never before. According to the puppet masters, during years of the festival’s existence the genre of puppet show has experienced absolute slump and unbelievable upswing. And it is still on the rise.
The Shtandart, a historical frigate built based on drawings designed 300 years ago, celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is the replica of the first naval frigate built by Peter the Great in Baltics in 1703. The replica frigate was put afloat with all the honors and celebrations in September 1999. The ceremony was held on Orlovskaya embankment, St. Petersburg, in presence of more than 40 thousand people. Over the 20-year period the Shtandart has traveled 167 thousand nautical miles, visited 127 ports in 17 countries; it has been featured in a dozen films and dressed up in scarlet sails for the famous Alumni Festival held in St. Petersburg.