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News First Book Club for teenagers opened in London, reports. The idea to open a book club belongs to Karina Karmenian. She's founded Russian Children's World website, and organizes annual Russian Education exhibition Kniguru in Britain contest. ...

21.02.2018 Subject: Array

Russians living currently in Latvia will get legal support from a new entity called the Russian House, which is to be opened in Riga, Izvestia newspaper reports. According to the President of the Latvian Alliance against Nazism Janis Kuzins, the Russian House will deal with legal consulting, language...

08.02.2018 Subject: Diaspora

Mishpacha children center theater studio from Nuremberg has presented Golden key musical in Zirndorf, reports Russian Field website. Children from 3 to 12 were watching the show based on Alexey Tolstoy book. Young performers had very big success. The play was embellished with various music pieces, from dance...

25.01.2018 Subject: Diaspora

Young activists from civil organizations of Russian compatriots living in Lebanon took part in the conference held in the capital city of the country, according to RIA Novosti. The main topic of the conference was a plan for the next year. Young people could promote their own ideas and make suppositions. ...

29.12.2017 Subject: Diaspora

Russian House in Barcelona celebrated Russian Christmas on December 22. Russian compatriots, Catalonians and Spaniards learning Russian language and interested in Russian culture, took part in the event. Folk Ensemble Vesnushka under tatyana Smoliakova showed traditional Russian folk rituals. Their performance...

28.12.2017 Subject: Diaspora

Participants of Belgian federation of Russian-speaking organizations have summed up the results of the outgoing year 2017, and made plans for the coming 2018, reports the portal of BFRO. Traditional gathering took part in Russian Center of Science and Culture in Brussels. According to the head of...

26.12.2017 Subject: Diaspora

Annual Russian New Year Trees (Russkiy Yolki) celebrations organized by Istok cultural-educational center started in Frankfurt-am-Mein, according to Russkoye Pole website. More than 750 children of Russian compatriots accompanied by adults who did not mind to have fun too attended the event. Students of Istok center and their teachers staged a kind fairytale based on...

14.12.2017 Subject: Diaspora

More than 200 people have participated in Father Frost and Snegurochka parade last weekend in New York, TASS reports. Russian fairy characters marched in Manhattan, and danced around Christmas trees in their way. First snow in the city came right in time. Participants of the celebration were kidding, laughing...

11.12.2017 Subject: Diaspora


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New Publications

Igor Zaretsky, the legend of Russian and world yachting has celebrated birthdays and anniversaries in the open ocean time and again. The yachtsman from Yaroslavl admits that he may celebrate his 70th birthday in the Golden Globe Race, a single-handed round-the-world regatta. A year and a half ago, Zaretsky became the only Russian participant of the famous race, which was followed by the whole world. The tricolor has been flying over the yacht of the native of Yaroslavl in all oceans, except the Arctic one.
60 years ago, an unusual university was established in the Soviet Union. It was named the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, also known as RUDN University, where students from countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East could go into higher education. Today, 200,000 RUDN University graduates work all over the world. And they all recall their alma mater with gratitude. Vladimir Filippov, the Rector of RUDN, spoke to the Russkiy Mir about history of the unique university.
120 years ago, Isaak Dunayevsky, perhaps the most famous Soviet composer of popular songs, was born in the quiet Ukrainian town. “Could you think thirty-five years ago that a small musician, a fan of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Borodin, would be able to become a master of the easy genre? But it is my extensive musical background that helped and still helps me to create light music by serious means,” Dunayevsky wrote in his memoirs.
75 years ago, the Red Army liberated the Oświęcim concentration camp (the Auschwitz) - perhaps the deadliest Nazi concentration camp, which became a symbol of the Holocaust and quintessential example of inhumanity of the Hitler regime. However, in the war and post-war history of the world-known concentration camp, there were episodes that are still in the shadow of “zeitgeist biography” of the “death factory” replicated by mass media…
The authorities and social activists of Crimea intend to popularize the Ukrainian language, which is one of the state languages ​​in the region. They intend to hold a forum, round tables and exhibitions on the peninsula to fulfill this task. In 2020, a newspaper and a regional TV program in Ukrainian are also going to be launched in Crimea.