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Photo: Russian Emigre film festival started accepting applications, the website of Russkiy Put cinema club informs. The 13th Festival will take place in autumn of 2019. Organizers note that festival will select the movies dedicated to the history of World War I, October revolution, Civil...

21.01.2019 Subject: Array

In the beginning of December, Bavarian television contacted Russian Center of Nuremberg's Russian-German Cultural Center with an unusual request to tell about Russian Christmas traditions. The Centre staff was pleased to accept it. The representatives of German television were so interested with Christmas kutia...

16.01.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Crimea authorities have approved to allocate 3 mln rubles (about 44500.00 USD) for actions supporting Russian compatriots abroad, IA IA Cruminform reported.  Various events to be conducted. In particular, International festival named Glorious Russian Word and International Livadian Forum of representatives of public...

09.01.2019 Subject: Diaspora

Photo: Russian compatriots living in different regions of India has held a joint conference, the World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots reports on its website. The forum has become the seventh in a row and united the leaders of compatriot societies from New Delhi, Chennai, Thrissur, Mumbai, Calcutta and from the island of...

24.12.2018 Subject: Diaspora

Photo:  Combining traditions and innovations makes Melbourne Pushkin Lyceum to be one of the best Russian schools in Australia. Newest Russian language textbooks are delivered by Russian publishing houses, Yedinenie Newspaper reports. According to the Lyceum...

06.12.2018 Subject: Diaspora

Photo: The annual Youth Forum takes place on November, 30 in the Russian Consulate General in New York. The participants are going to discuss future of the Russian youth in the US and the development of the Russian-speaking community as well as the ways of preserving the historical heritage and the promotion of the Russian culture....

30.11.2018 Subject: Diaspora Russian Community Council of UK and North Ireland aims to build strong diaspora. Russian Community Council has registered as a social organisation, according to domestic rules, after 10 years acting within non-registered status. According to the head of the council Oleg Sotnichenko, strong diaspora united by common goals will...

13.11.2018 Subject: Diaspora The Governor and the Prime Minister of South Australia have become honored guests at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Russian Center in Adelaide. The Consul General of Russia in Australia Sergey Shipilov represented his country at the event. Compatriots and their Australian friends celebrated the anniversary of...

09.11.2018 Subject: Diaspora

Irina Derevitch Russian club in Australia celebrated its 94th birthday with Kalinka, Katiusha, and Moscow Nights songs. Russian compatriots of three generations from Sydney and other cities gathered to celebrate, Austrian newspaper Yedinenie reported.  Russian club does a lot to consolidate...

31.10.2018 Subject: Diaspora


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New Publications

More than 190 nations live in Russia. They write and read in 60 literary languages. But what do we know about such literatures besides the Russian one? Meanwhile, work of modern authors representing various nations of Russia embraces a wide range of styles and genres, such as poetry, prose, folklore, and children's literature, realism, postmodernism and even rap poetry.
A son of a Russian emigrant and a Frenchwoman was born in Lyon and lived his whole life away from Russia. At the same time, Alexandre Zelkine sings in perfect Russian, and his singing is absolutely charming. Today, Alexander Vladimirovich lives with his wife in the French city of Le Mans. He agreed to talk about his life, and such the cultural phenomenon as Russian soul.
BRICS Reality 29.08.2019
The Chairman of the BRICS NRC board, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science of the State Duma of Russia and Chairman of the Board of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov has delivered a lecture to the participants of the BRICS International School, which opened in Moscow. The politician has shared his thoughts on what really unites the BRICS countries, the values ​​of this organization and how BRICS challenges the liberal world order.
On August 23, 1939, Moscow signed a sensational non-aggression pact and a secret protocol to it with Berlin. Nowadays, many Western historians and the media consider this agreement almost an evidence of the criminal union of Stalin and Hitler, who divided Eastern Europe between themselves. But did the Soviet leadership have a choice? This is discussed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Military-Historical Society Sergey Ivanov.
The American Sean Quirk, who is one of musicians and the manager of the well-known in Russia and beyond Tuvinian Alash ensemble, speaks four languages. On foreign tours, he announces the songs of the ensemble in English and sings Tuvan folk songs to the public and for himself. He can please the audience with a ditty in Russian when he is asked to. Besides that, Quirk reads books in the language of his ancestors - Old Irish.