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Photo credit: The centenary of the Russian Exodus was celebrated in Turkey, RIA Novosti reports. The commemorative ceremony took place in Gelibolu, located in the Canakkale province. It was there that those who were forced to leave Russia in the fall of 1920 on the last...

23.11.2020 Subject: History

Photo credit: The action in memory of the Soviet soldiers who fell during the capture of Berlin in 1945 took place on the territory of the memorial complex in the Berlin district of Pankow, where the remains of more than 13,000 Red Army soldiers are buried. The action took place...

16.11.2020 Subject: History

Photo credit: Angus Forbes / Courtesy of Anna Belorusova A monument to Soviet pilots was erected in the Scottish city of Errol, TASS reports. It commemorates the pilots from the Moscow Special Purpose Air Group (MSPAG), who were stationed in Scotland during the Second World...

12.11.2020 Subject: History

Photo credit: The memory of the Soviet partisan was immortalized in Caldiero (Italy), according to the Rossotrudnichestvo website. In a place located in the north of the country, there is a monument in honor of Vladimir Tulisko. The Nazis killed him near Verona. The life of...

21.10.2020 Subject: History


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New Publications

November 19 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Fyodorovich Krusenstern who led the first Russian circumnavigation of the Earth. It was this voyage that enabled Russia to become one of the world's maritime powers and empowered Russian seafarers to discover Antarctica a few years later. Vitaly Sychev, a member of the RGS and UNESCO expert, tells about Ivan Krusenstern’s role in popularization of Russian science, as well as in establishment of the Russian Geographical Society that turns 175 these days.
Alexander Rahr, a renowned German political expert, historian and publicist, shared his opinion on the impact that the October Revolution of 1917 had on the subsequent history of Russia, the Russian people and the Russian diaspora.
Carol Apollonio, president of the International Dostoevsky Society and professor Professor of the Practice of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at Duke University (USA), is a participant of the XIV Assembly of the Russkiy Mir. Quite a long time ago she started studying Russian to save the world. And today she believes that it is necessary to read Russian classical literature to have a better understanding of Russian people.
The Russian Museum has perhaps the most extensive experience in establishing the online museum space in Russia. We talked on peculiar features of this work with Olga Babina, Deputy Director of the Russian Museum for Registration, Preservation and Restoration of Museum Values and one of the speakers at the 14th Assembly of the Russkiy Mir.