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Photo credit: A model of the house where the Russian emperor Peter the Great stayed during his first visit to Holland in 1697 was presented at the museum of Zandam. The replica was created by carpenter and restorer Peter Hofeling, who used old drawings to bring...

11.12.2019 Subject: History

Photo credit: Admiral Kolchak archive is sold in auction on Novemberm, 21 in Paris, TASS reports. Drouot auction house has held the auction. The total price of the lots sold exceeded 3 mln euro. According to the auction house representative Mathilde Fennebresque, the collectors were excited to see on...

22.11.2019 Subject: History

Photo credit: GettyImages The Paris auction house Drouot is going to sell the archive of Admiral Kolchak, according to TASS. It was kept in the family of the recently deceased grandson of the admiral. Friends decided to put up for sale the preserved documents, including photographs, letters, notes and much more. ...

12.11.2019 Subject: History

Photo credit: pixabay The anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi occupiers is celebrated on Monday, October 28, the Izvestia newspaper writes. At the same time, large celebrations at the state level were not planned. Memorial events took place in different cities. As explained by the organizing committee of...

28.10.2019 Subject: History

Photo credit: The International Congress of Peter the Great called Russia and Germany in the era of Peter the Great: historical and cultural ties begins work at the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin on October 24. The thirteenth forum will be attended by historians and cultural experts from...

24.10.2019 Subject: History


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This spring marks 125 years since the release of the highest decree of Emperor Nicholas II on the establishment of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. The uniqueness of the museum was that literally the whole country collected exhibits for its collection - from peasants, who gave away ancient household items, to representatives of the upper classes, who donated the richest collections of paintings to the fund. These days, the Russian Museum is exploring new territories both in Russia and abroad. It confirms that for Russian art there are no borders.
Igor Zaretsky, the legend of Russian and world yachting has celebrated birthdays and anniversaries in the open ocean time and again. The yachtsman from Yaroslavl admits that he may celebrate his 70th birthday in the Golden Globe Race, a single-handed round-the-world regatta. A year and a half ago, Zaretsky became the only Russian participant of the famous race, which was followed by the whole world. The tricolor has been flying over the yacht of the native of Yaroslavl in all oceans, except the Arctic one.
60 years ago, an unusual university was established in the Soviet Union. It was named the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, also known as RUDN University, where students from countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East could go into higher education. Today, 200,000 RUDN University graduates work all over the world. And they all recall their alma mater with gratitude. Vladimir Filippov, the Rector of RUDN, spoke to the Russkiy Mir about history of the unique university.
120 years ago, Isaak Dunayevsky, perhaps the most famous Soviet composer of popular songs, was born in the quiet Ukrainian town. “Could you think thirty-five years ago that a small musician, a fan of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Borodin, would be able to become a master of the easy genre? But it is my extensive musical background that helped and still helps me to create light music by serious means,” Dunayevsky wrote in his memoirs.
75 years ago, the Red Army liberated the Oświęcim concentration camp (the Auschwitz) - perhaps the deadliest Nazi concentration camp, which became a symbol of the Holocaust and quintessential example of inhumanity of the Hitler regime. However, in the war and post-war history of the world-known concentration camp, there were episodes that are still in the shadow of “zeitgeist biography” of the “death factory” replicated by mass media…