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Russian Expats Youth Forum was held in Barcelona. It was organized by Coordinating Council of Russian compatriots living in Spain and representatives of the youth movement of Russian compatriots, as per Rossotrudnichestvo website. Among forum participants are leaders of youth organizations, Russian-speaking journalists, bloggers and social figures. ...

23.11.2017 Subject: Community

Opinions of Moscow and Prague about impossibility of framing and glorification of Nazism fully coincide, according to the meeting’s results of Presidents of Russia and Czech Republic Vladimir Putin and Milos Zeman, RIA Novosti informs. The meeting is held on 21st of November in Sochi. ...

21.11.2017 Subject: Community

Russian TV Channel to start working in Japan. It will provide news in Russian culture, TASS reports. As famous Russian violinist Vadim Repin shared during International Cultural Forum in Saint Petersburg, he is going to curate this project. According to Repin, this TV channel to be engaged as a...

20.11.2017 Subject: Community

Russian citizen has returned her son illegally retained in Norway by his father, the citizen of Estonia, TASS reports. The decision about returning the child was made by court of the Norwegian capital. According to the lawyer Ekaterina Reiersen, they managed to do that because Norway joint the...

20.11.2017 Subject: Community

Days of Russian capital started the day before in Vienna, as per the website of World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots. The festival programme was opened by the ceremony of laying flowers by the monument to Soviet soldiers installed at one of the central squares in Vienna. According to...

16.11.2017 Subject: Community

Professor of Catholic University of Leuven Emmanuel Waegemans is awarded by label badge of Russian Foreign Ministry for Contribution into International Cooperation for his research called Peter the Great in Belgium, RIA Novosti informs. The awarding ceremony and presentation of the book in French language took place in Brussels. It was timed with...

15.11.2017 Subject: Array

The Third Geographical Dictation to be conducted worldwide for the first time this year, RIA Novosti informs. It is to be held on November 26th, 12 pm local time. Russia, CIS countries, European Union, Asian countries, North and South America, Australia will participate in the test. As Russian Geographical society shared the dictation is to be written in Syria as well. ...

14.11.2017 Subject: Community


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New Publications

The icebreaker, backpack parachute, tramcar, and foam fire extinguisher—all of these things have long belonged to the list of human achievements. Most people don’t know that they owe their existence to Russian inventors. At the turn of the twentieth century, Russia had one of the strongest schools of inventors in the world, although in many ways it developed in spite of circumstances. We discussed this topic with Tim Skorenko, the author of the book Invented in Russia and editor-in-chief of the Popular Mechanics website.
The idea for the Teacher for Russia program originated with two graduates from Saint Petersburg State University, Alena Makovich and Elena Yarmanova after they came across Teach for All, a major international network of nongovernmental social enterprises. Four years have passed since then, and this year the Russian program celebrated its first graduating class.
7 November marked the centennial of the October Revolution—an event that, whatever you think of it, has done much to define the entire twentieth century. And of course, the main figure in these epoch-making events was Vladimir Ilich Lenin. We have attempted to “interview” the Bolshevik leader so that he might explain how he related to the tasks of revolution, politics, morality, and other questions that are important to us all.
Poland appears frequently in the Russian informational space, but sadly, it appears almost every time for a painful reason. This results in a corresponding tone for discussions in online forums. Of course, even a passing familiarity with these forums will show that a typical Russian, especially a young one, does not have a high level of knowledge about Poland (to say the least). And this is too bad, since Russo-Polish relations are very instructive.