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Photo credit: Kora27 / (CC-BY-SA-3.0) The anniversary of the founding of the Russian Empire is celebrated today. Russia was declared an empire by Peter the Great on October 22, 1721, after the victory in the Northern War. 300 years have passed since this date,...

22.10.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: Pushok / The Russian House in Bucharest has opened a historical exhibition entitled "Not subject to oblivion." The ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Turkmenistan, representatives of public organizations in Romania took part in the opening ceremony,...

08.10.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: MilaZora / The remains of four Soviet soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War have been buried in Finland, TASS reports. According to Russian diplomats, the reburial ceremony took place last weekend. The deceased were prisoners of a German concentration...

05.10.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: LukeL / Several expositions opened in Maribor in memory of Soviet prisoners of the Stalag XVIII-D concentration camp, which existed in Slovenia during World War II. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Slovenia, Russian diplomats and historians,...

01.10.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: RIA Novosti archive / Soviet anti-aircraft gunners on the roof of the Moscow Hotel / (CC BY-SA 3.0) / The Battle of Moscow, one of the key events of the Great Patriotic War and World War II, started 80 years ago. The defensive operation started on...

30.09.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: NTV / Russian war drama Sobibor was shown to viewers in Zimbabwe, TASS reports. Konstantin Khabensky's directorial debut was screened in Harare. The creening was organized with the participation of the Russian Embassy and the Harare film society  public...

29.09.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) The exhibition entitled "Not To Be Forgotten" has kicked off in the Slovak capital, TASS reports. The historical and documentary exposition tells the story of the crimes of the fascists directed against the civilians of the Soviet Union in...

28.09.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) The Union of Russian Societies in Sweden will hold a memorial day for Soviet sailors kept at the Bühringe camp. The event will take place on September 25 near the former camp, the program includes a flower-laying ceremony and an introductory...

25.09.2021 Subject: History


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New Publications

There are about two million Armenians living in Russia today. But when it comes to Russians living in Armenia, there are about 15,000 people only. But both of them continuously split time between two homes and strengthen the ties between our countries - economic, cultural, and spiritual. And these ties go deep into the past, many centuries ago. We will tell you in this article how the first Russians settled in Armenia and how their descendants live in Armenia today imbued with the local culture while preserving the national traditions.
One of the most cozy towns in Russia, a member of the Association of Small Tourist Cities of Russia is located about 100 kilometers from Moscow. Borovsk makes visitors to fall in love with it at the first glance. Beautiful, typical Russian landscapes with river and churches, homey cafes, low-rise buildings and private houses decorated with naive art live under hovering spirit of the theoretical cosmonautics founder Tsiolkovsky.
Rus at Play 14.10.2021
A significant contribution to the development of professional sports in Europe has been made by Russian players who stepped into the sporting field under the guidance of their parents either at home or in a strange land. Emigrants founded clubs, played at packed stadiums as if they had been sports superstars, and led teams to championships as coaches and managers. Sports clubs are still established by our compatriots today.
A bear dressed in kosovorotka and bast shoes playing balalaika is one of the strongest Russian stereotypes. In reality, bears live in Russian woods or zoos, kosovorotkas and bast shoes could be traced in museums and at folk concerts. In contrast, the balalaika has won its unique place not only on concert posters but also at an international stage, in concert halls, jazz and rock clubs.
Summers in Alaska are short. And the breath of winter is felt from early fall. Famous Russian traveler Sergey Sinelnik knows this better than most people. Since 2019, he has been sailing on an exact replica of the medieval coastal dwellers boat Pilgrim. The journey has taken him to the northernmost American state. This year's voyage is over; next spring, Sinelnik and his crew will sail along the Northern Sea Route to Russia.