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The closing ceremony of the 9th International Film Forum Slavic Fairy Tale took place in the marble hall of the Russian Cultural and Information Center of Sofia on September 13. The event was held with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation and Rossotrudnichestvo. Famous filmmakers from 13...

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Photo credit: Isfahan University's official website On June 22 - 23, a scientific and cultural online festival dedicated to the cooperation between Isfahan and St. Petersburg was held at the Isfahan University (Iran). ...

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The Russian Center opening at one of the leading universities in China in the third largest city of the country (Guangzhou) "became a confirmation of the friendship of the two countries and active mutually beneficial cooperation between our people," underlined the executive director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vladimir Kochin in his message of congratulation to to the rector of the university, Professor Zhong Weihe.  Guangdong University of Foreign Languages and Foreign Trade is a...

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Sochi State University with support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation continue the Russian as a Second Language program in 2021 with online course “Russian as Foreign language in  Tourism and Hotel Management I Travel Russia”. This course is created for North Arizona University students  (А2 level).  During the lessons students talk...

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The editorial team of the Russkiy Mir Foundation wishes a Merry Orthodox Christmas Day to all our readers, colleagues and allies! Let it be merry and magical. Let your hearts to be filled with peace and joy! Russkiy Mir ...

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The Russian World Center opened on March 11 in Leipzig with the assistance of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The center is hosted by St. Alexandra Society. During the opening ceremony, the head of the society, N. Oppenlender,...

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The 12th International Congress of Higher Education "University 2020" took place from February 10 to 14, in Havana. The theme of this year’s congress was The University and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Its participants discussed the development of modern universities, the relationship of modern education with economic sectors and other pressing issues. ...

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On December 19, the Russian center started working at the people’s university (Folksuniversitetet) of Södertälje (Sweden). For several years, the university has successfully run Russian language courses for adults and children; the events of the Swedish Association of Russian Language Teachers (CARTS) are held...

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New Publications

Recently FSB declassified the original text of the 1946-1948 Tokyo International Military Tribunal verdict. It referred to the plans of imperialist Japan to seize the Soviet Far East and Siberia. Just a day before the opening of the international forum dedicated to the 1949 Khabarovsk War Crime Trials has started. The forum was dedicated to the trial over Kwantung Army soldiers accused of developing and using bacteriological weapons.
There are some good news for art connoisseurs. From now on every person can buy an exhibit from the Hermitage. Of course the buyer should possess a certain amount of money. All this has become possible thanks to new technologies.
Everyone knows that Russian has been borrowing foreign words. But the fact that Russian has enriched other languages is less known. Scientists from the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences have come to a rather unusual conclusion: the growing global influence of English is based on the power of American science, while the Russian language today has a different trump card - everyday life.
Зenultimate summer weekend in Russia was be marked by the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod. The city on the Volga River celebrate its milestone birthday on a large scale - throughout the whole of Russia - from August 19 to 21.
On August 19, 1721, the fountains and cascades in the Peterhof Palace and Park Ensemble were set to work. This unique monument of water-engineering art has been globally considered unsurpassed for 300 years: 40 kilometers of water channels, 147 running fountains that operate without a single pump due to the natural flow of water. The entire system is so perfect that it has been preserved virtually intact, and 70% of the pipes have been in operation since the 19th century.