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Mali thanked Russia for supply of grain and fertilizers

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Mali thanked Russia for supply of grain and fertilizers


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Mali expresses sincere gratitude to Moscow, which sent a cargo of wheat to this African country, RIA Novosti reports. Aliye Tunkara, a member of the Malian parliament, noted that there is little fertile land in the country, and residents suffer from food shortages. Mali also needs fertilizers. He called fertilizers a strategic commodity, because without them a good harvest is almost impossible to achieve.

According to him, Moscow helps Mali free of charge. A batch of wheat has already arrived in the country, and a batch of fertilizers is expected in the near future. The deputy spoke about this during the Russian-African conference held by the Valdai Club.

Russia is ready to supply free grain to the population of the poorest countries. The head of state has spoken about this more than once. After Russia's withdrawal from the grain deal, this position has not changed.

Russia plans to replace the grain that went to African countries from Ukraine in accordance with the grain deal.

According to the results of a sociological survey, 69% of Malians have great confidence in Russia. Experts from the German Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation believe that Russia's popularity is based on the fact that Moscow adheres to the concept of "African problems - an African solution." Perhaps that is why many countries on the continent are turning away from Western partners.

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