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Russkiy Mir Foundation celebrated Cosmonautics Day

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Russkiy Mir Foundation celebrated Cosmonautics Day


The Russkiy Mir Foundation has become the venue for the final events of the Flight Over the World international marathon, timed to coincide with Cosmonautics Day. The three-day marathon was organized by the Rostov regional social movement Synergy of Talents, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center, the Klinskoye Compound Museum, and the Russkiy Mir Foundation with the support of Roscosmos.

On April 13, the Russkiy Mir Foundation awarded the winners of the My Galaxy 2023 international drawing competition, which was attended by children of Russian compatriots living abroad. Awards from the Russkiy Mir Foundation went to 8-year-old Lili Zinder from Chile, 13-year-old Laura Franchi (Cakovets, Croatia) and the Russian House in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Another event was the "Russian Space in the Countries of the World" international forum with the participation of the Hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut Andrei Borisenko. The children of Russian compatriots from different countries prepared very interesting questions for the cosmonaut. 

The "Flight over the World" international marathon started on April, 10 in Moscow. On April, 12, the Klinskoye Compound Museum in Klin near Moscow hosted  aspace quiz. 

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