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Lecture on Russian Nobel laureates took place in Presov

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Lecture on Russian Nobel laureates took place in Presov


On November 10, the Russian Center of the University of Presov held a lecture and a round table discussion on Russian Nobel Prize winners. Russian scientists and inventors have played a key role in international scientific achievements and discoveries. 

The prestigious Nobel Prize has been awarded since 1901 for significant achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature. There is also the Nobel Prize, awarded for best efforts done for fraternity between the nations. Such scientists and laureates as Pavlov,Mechnikov, Cherenkov, Sakharov and many others were discussed at the event. The participants discussed the contribution, significance, benefit and harm made by the achievements of science and technology for modern society. Those present got themselves familiar with the books of some Nobel Prize winners and other scientists from the library fund of the Russian Center.

Gabriela Turisova, Presov

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