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Distance learning is set for majority of foreign students

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Distance learning is set for majority of foreign students


More than 95% percent of Russian universities work full-time or have blended-learning format in the new academic year, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia informed. The Ministry source stressed that distance learning is set for international students who are unable to return to their universities due to closed borders or flights cancellation, TASS reports.

The ministry said that more than 316 thousand students from abroad are enrolled in Russian universities, and about 145 thousand are currently outside Russia. Previously, the Russia officially allowed all foreigners to enter Russia for study purposes.

It is also mentioned that situation with students from Afghanistan remains difficult. There are more than 9,000; over a third of them are freshmen. Due to the tensions in the country, citizens of Afghanistan still can't travel to Russia. Nonetheless, 529 visas have been issued for Afghan students from Afghanistan.

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