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The Slavic Fairy Tale Film Festival concluded in Bulgaria

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The Slavic Fairy Tale Film Festival concluded in Bulgaria


The closing ceremony of the 9th International Film Forum Slavic Fairy Tale took place in the marble hall of the Russian Cultural and Information Center of Sofia on September 13. The event was held with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation and Rossotrudnichestvo.

Famous filmmakers from 13 countries stepped on the red carpet.

The awards ceremony traditionally started with a concert attended by Bulgarian, Russian, Japanese and Ukrainian musicians and singers. One of the hems of the night was a dance from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake performed Borimira Dyakonova. Another Tchaikovsky's  creation, the aria from Tchaikovsky's opera The Queen of Spades performed by magnificent soprano of Rosalina Kasabova with mirrors and lighted candles backdrop created the sense of mystery and enigma. The magnificent performance of the trio (Ivan Krastev - violin, Kumiko Terao, Japan - castanets, Martin Bychvarov - piano) literally blew up the audience with applause. Russian singer Margarita Pisarenko performed old Russian romances accompanied by violin and piano. The pop singer Monika Kirovska received the title of Honorary Professor of the Academy of Film and Television for film songs.

By the unanimous decision of the jury, the grand prix of the festival went to the documentary "Alexander Nevsky - Defender of the Russian Land" by Sergei Medvedev (Russia). The short film "Timelessness" by the Bulgarian director Todor Lazarov won in the corresponding Short film nomination. Elsa Land by the Russian director Yulia Kolesnik won the feature film main prize. Also, the prizes were given to the feature Short Match by the Bulgarian director Dimitar Petkov, Flashmob by Alena Rubinstein (Russia) and the Aydinlar by the Uzbek film director Muzaffarkhon Ekinovaya. In the Television series nomination the main prize went to The Mentor television series.

The highlight of the festival was the participation of the youngest actress, 11-year-old Camilla Voitova from St. Peterburg. She received the Best Child Role award for the leading part in the Ice Story fairytale by Sergey Rusakov. 

Yelena Dmitrieva, Sofia

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