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San Marino explained reasons for choosing Sputnik V vaccine

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San Marino explained reasons for choosing Sputnik V vaccine


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San Marino chose the Russian Sputnik V to keep residents of the republic safe, TASS reports. According to Luca Beccari, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, International Economic Cooperation and Telecommunications, the Russian vaccine was chosen because supplies of drugs approved by the European Union were delayed. The minister stressed that the most important thing for the authorities of the republic was to preserve the health and life of people. And this remained a priority until the epidemiological situation improved.

Sputnik V made it possible to start vaccination right away, said Beccari, who arrived in Moscow. He had a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other heads of ministries and departments.

The secretary of state noted that the decision on the vaccine was made quickly because San Marino had strong ties with Russia for a long time. The representative of the republic stressed that no outside pressure was exerted on thegovernment of the enclave.

Vaccinations with the help of the Russian drug were avialable for residents of foreign countries as well. The country even organized a special vaccine tourism.

Lavrov, in turn, during a meeting with Luca Beccari, expressed his satisfaction that Sputnik V made San Marino a leader in vaccination numbers and helped to solve security problems associated with the pandemic. Russia and San Marino have plans to develop bilateral relations in such sectors as trade, economics, investment cooperation, and the humanitarian sphere, the minister added. 

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