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Moscow drops glove-wearing requirements

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Moscow drops glove-wearing requirements


Photo credit: Yu. Ivanko / (CC BY 4.0)

The glove regime, which was in effect for a year, has been canceled by the order of the Moscow’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin, RIA Novosti reports. 

According to the mayor, the epidemiological situation has improved significantly over the past few days. Mass vaccination and other preventive measures have led to the fact that the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection has fallen by more than half. The number of hospitalizations decreased by more than 1,5 times compared to the peak values of the previous month.

These indicators make it possible to gradually remove the existing restrictions, Sergei Sobyanin is sure. However, he reminded Muscovites that it is still necessary to wear masks in public. The mask regime will remain in force until the number of new cases of the disease becomes minimal, the mayor of Moscow explained. He also recalled the need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Earlier, Moscow’s mayor office had eased some restrictions previously imposed due to the spread of coronavirus infection in the city. Some of the hospital beds that were previously reserved for COVID-19 patients are now returned to accommodate non-coronavirus patients. The system of mandatory QR codes for visitors to catering establishments was canceled as well.

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