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9-year-old girl from Moscow can become youngest student in Russia

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9-year-old girl from Moscow can become youngest student in Russia


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Nine-year-old Muscovite Alisa Teplyakova can be enrolled in the psychology department of Moscow State University and become the youngest student in Russia. Previously, the girl successfully coped with four USE examinations, and did great with additional tests of Moscow State University in biology, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper reports.

A school certificate for the eleventh grade was issued to Alisa at the age of eight. The girl's father said that his daughter read, wrote and counted well at the age of four, and at the age of five she had the knowledge of a fifth-grader. The parents emphasized that they did not have any special methods in teaching their daughter, and only used the best practices that were widespread since Soviet times.

It is reported that the girl will be watched by psychologists, teachers and specialists from Moscow State University. According to the rector of the university, Viktor Sadovnichy, a nine-year-old student is a special case for the university, and if the girl is enrolled, she will need a teacher-psychologist for comfortable learning.

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