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Russia to resume flights to 9 countries by the end of June

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Russia to resume flights to 9 countries by the end of June


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Russia will resume flights to Turkey from June 22. From June 28, eight more states will be open to Russians, including the United States, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Jordan, Cyprus and others. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova stated this, RIA Novosti reports.

Regular flights connect Moscow with New York, Brussels, Oman, Dublin, three cities in Bulgaria (Sofia, Varna and Burgas) as well as a number of cities in Italy, Cyprus and North Macedonia.

The decision to resume flights to Turkey and back to the schedule of Russian airports was made on the basis of the report of the Russian inspection commission, which visited Turkey. The commission noted a decrease in the number of cases of coronavirus in the country, as well as a high rate of vaccination of hotel employees and other service workers.

It is also reported that the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus announced the inclusion of citizens of China and Liechtenstein to the list of those who have the right to enter the territory of Russia.

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