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Orthodox believers celebrate Ascension of the Lord

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Orthodox believers celebrate Ascension of the Lord


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Orthodox believers celebrate the Ascension of the Lord on Thursday, June 10, RIA Novosti reports. The holiday is one of the 12 most important in the church calendar. Its date depends on what day Easter falls on.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ came to his disciples on the 40th day after the resurrection and ordered them not to leave the city, as the Holy Spirit would be sent down to them. Then he led the apostles from Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, blessed them, ascended into the sky and disappeared behind the clouds. 

Since Ascension, Orthodox priests, who previously served in red Easter vestments, put on white liturgical robes. White color in Christianity symbolizes the purity of the soul and divine light.

The believers are advised to devote the whole day to God, not to work and to visit the temple.

Written evidence of the celebration of the Ascension has come down to our time from the 4th century. Saint John Chrysostom also mentions it in his writings. On this day, Christians gathered on Mount Olivet, prayed and read the Gospel. At the beginning of the 4th century, a temple was built on the Mount of Olives in honor of the Ascension. Every year a festive service is held there, pilgrims from all over the world gather to take part in it.

 There is a legend that today Jesus can be met under the guise of a beggar, therefore, alms are given to those in need.

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