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Australian scouts talked in Russian at summer camp

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Australian scouts talked in Russian at summer camp


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More than 80 children and adolescents of the National Organization of Russian Scouts (NORS) of Australia took part in the summer camp, which was organized after a difficult year of the coronavirus pandemic. During sessions, children get the opportunity to speak Russian and make new friends, learn a lot about the history and culture of Russia, and learn how to behave in the forest, the Edinenie newspaper reports.

Children and adolescents were in the camp under the supervision of young and experienced counselors, who were helped by the parents of some of the children. The camp program included training sessions, hiking, singing songs and talking around the fire.

Young scouts were able to escape from urban problems and get to know their peers better. The camp worked for ten days and left an indelible impression on the participants.

Classes held as part of the Russian scout movement help children in life and study. NORS on Facebook reported that in December, scout Anna Kuvyatkina showed the best result in the Russian language exam in the Australian state of New South Wales.

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