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Russian experts developed way to identify coronavirus in 1 minute

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Russian experts developed way to identify coronavirus in 1 minute


Photo credit: the press service of the Sochi administration

It will take just a minute to determine whether a person has a coronavirus using a new algorithm, RIA Novosti reports. The algorithm was developed by specialists at the Sberbank artificial intelligence laboratory. For diagnostics, the system needs to get answers to several questions, to study the voice, breathing and cough of a person.

The resulting recordings of sounds are converted into a spectrogram. It demonstrates the energy of sound at different frequencies. It is then analyzed with a deep convolutional neural network. For its training, only open data was used. Experts have collected many samples of breathing and coughing sounds from patients in Russian hospitals.

"Sberbank" promises that after a while a special application with this algorithm will appear. Users will be able to access it through the App Store and Google Play.

This model does not yet have the accuracy of biological PCR, but it already has comparable characteristics. At the same time, it allows you to adjust the sensitivity, much easier and more convenient to use, and also cheaper. The algorithm cannot be called a medical diagnostic tool, but it can be considered a personal checker for daily use.

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