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Russian New Year show wins hearts of Italian viewers

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Russian New Year show wins hearts of Italian viewers


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More than a million users of the Italian YouTube have watched Ivan Urgant's show "Chao 2020!", TASS reports. As explained by Channel One, during the New Year's show not a word in Russian was uttered. The host and the guests spoke in “macaroni” Italian.

The program was also noticed by the leading Italian newspapers and received positive reviews. Urgant himself was called the Russian Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman in the Italian press.

The media in Italy noted that the show was dedicated to a whole generation of Russian residents who grew up with love for the Italian stage, for the songs of Al Bano and Romina, Toto Cutugno and Adriano Celentano. The special edition of the "Evening Urgant," "Ciao, 2020!," was broadcasted on the eve of the New Year, on the evening of December 30.

The presenter himself believes that the reason for the success lies in the fact that its creators worked on it with great love for Italy.

In total, the number of views of the show reached almost seven million on the project's YouTube channel and on the website of Channel One. 

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