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Russian Center took part in annual Book Week in Milan

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Russian Center took part in annual Book Week in Milan


The annual Book Week took place in Milan. Despite the difficult situation with the pandemic, the Russian Center of the University of Milan presented a rich online program.

On November 12, a presentation of the translation into Italian of the book by Luidmila Petrushevskaya "The Little Girl from the Metropol" "was organized. Giulia Marcucci spoke about the challenges and interesting solutions while working on the translation. Together with the translator about Russia of the 20th century, described in the book, Professors of Russian culture at the University of Milan Elda Garetto and Manfred Schruba reflected on Russia of the 20th century, descrived in the book, together with the translator. The presentation was led by the head of the Russian Center, Professor Paola Cotta Ramuzino.

On November 13, a meeting with lovers of Gianni Rodari's work took place. During the meeting, the writer Anna Roberti spoke about how she came up with the idea of ​​the book “Cipollino in the Land of Soviets. Gianni Rodari's Success in the USSR and Russia ”.

At the end of the evening, Anna Seoni, head of the Italy-Russia Association, and the methodologists of the Russian Center held a virtual exhibition of creative works by the participants of the I Love Gianni Rodari competition and named the winners.

Oksana Bejenari, Milan

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