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Andrei Konchalovsky named best director at Chicago Film Festival

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Andrei Konchalovsky named best director at Chicago Film Festival


Photo credit: a shot from Dear Comrades!

Russian film director Andrei Konchalovsky was awarded the Silver Hugo award at the Chicago International Film Festival, the jury noted his film Dear Comrades!. Earlier, Konchalovsky's new feature was shown and noted at several international festivals. The film will be released in Russia in November, RIA Novosti reports.

The director announced that he was happy with the prize, and noted that for him each new picture is an attempt to unravel the secret of cinema. Also Andrei Konchalovsky said that the language of cinema should be constantly enriched.

Dear Comrades! tells about a strike in Novocherkassk in 1962, during which city residents demanded lower food prices and higher wages. According to the plot, the main character, an employee of the party committee, has a daughter disappearing in the confusion, which prompts her to reconsider some of her life beliefs.

Russkiy Mir reported that in September, the film won a special prize at the Venice Film Festival. Earlier, a number of other films by Konchalovsky had received awards at this film forum.

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